8 Useful Mobile And Web Apps for Your Job Search

8 Useful Mobile And Web Apps for Your Job Search

Got a smartphone? Here are 8 handy apps that can help you with your job search!

Need some additional help with your job search? Don’t worry – there’s an app for that! Take your job search experience into the 21st century with some of these helpful smartphone apps and browser extensions: 


Most word processors will have their own built-in proofreading functions, but if you want some extra security, then give Grammarly a try. This app is a contextual grammar and spell checker that keeps an eye out for plagiarism as well. While it is most useful as a tool for thesis writing (to avoid plagiarism), it works just as well for résumés and cover letters too!

If you feel that Grammarly isn’t your cup of tea and would prefer a more straightforward interface, then the Online Text Correction site might just be up your alley. This grammar and spell checker is pretty accurate and is contextual too! However, be warned: never assume that spell checkers can take over the accuracy of a second pair of eyes! 

This app lets you write and sync notes across various platforms (e.g. Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, etc.) – which can be pretty useful when you don’t want to lug too many gadgets with you when you go somewhere. Aside from taking notes, you can also record audio memos, annotate images, clip web articles, or organise your e-mails (if you decide to pay for that feature). Keep your job hunt organised by putting all your résumés, documents, job information, and contact lists in Evernote so you can update them as you go along. 


Rapportive is a Gmail browser extension that compiles brief LinkedIn information about your Gmail contacts and summarises it in your side panel. This includes your contacts’ LinkedIn profiles, and if they’ve connected their LinkedIn accounts with their other social media accounts, you can even follow them there.

Do you have way too many business cards to file and sort through every time you come back from a job fair or a networking session? CamCard is an app that lets you use your phone’s camera to scan and store business cards, share e-business cards with your contacts, and even add notes and reminders! If you have an account with CamCard, you can even sync your scanned cards and notes across all your devices.

Productivity and efficiency

If you’re constantly on-the-go and find yourself clicking on articles without ever having the chance to finish reading them, then Pocket is a good tool to use. Functioning like a “Read Later” folder, it lets you save your unread articles, organise them with tags, and sync your reading list across all your devices. This is a great way to ensure that you stay up-to-date on the latest industry news in your desired area of work.

While you’re most probably used to the idea of writing résumés on laptops, this app can help if you need to update your résumé on the go. It compiles the data that you key in into a professional résumé template within few minutes. You can use this app to create and edit multiple customised versions of your résumé as you move along.This can be extremely useful when you’re visiting job fairs!

This app isn’t flashy or original, but it sure is practical. It comes loaded with nearly 100 sample interview questions divided into 16 different categories – including personal development, feedback, and problem-solving skills.  Use these as a reference point to refine your answers to some of the most common job interview questions.

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