Bored Of Your Job? You’re Probably The Cause Of It.

Bored Of Your Job? You’re Probably The Cause Of It.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Do the days go by slowly and painfully? Do you dread repeating this cycle over and over again? We’ve all been there. Some would think that boredom and work are inseparable: it is just the nature of the beast. Well, I disagree.

If you find your work boring, then you’re probably not doing these 3 things:

Not asking to take on new tasks

Many employees are content with what’s on their plate, while others thrive on taking on more responsibilities. The latter are the go-getters, the achievers, those who will ultimately rise to the top. When was the last time you asked your superior for an assignment? It would be wise for you to ditch complacency and impress your bosses by simply doing more. Ignore this point if you are chained to the desk and are working 18-hour shifts every day.

Not caring about what happens outside of your department

I’ve spoken to many ex-colleagues who cite the lack of learning opportunities as their reasons for leaving their jobs. I would then ask them if they had contemplated participating in assignments or projects outside of their team or department. None of them could answer me definitively. The thing is, we all think we know everything until we take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It takes plenty of guts to actually do it, though. And always get permission from the relevant people before taking on additional responsibilities at work.

Not thinking about doing things differently

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat” is the rather violent saying that comes to my mind when I think about this aspect of work. Most of us are programmed to do things the same way, every day. It’s not our fault. We are trained to follow instructions, and to listen to our superiors. But if you understand your job tasks well, then you should also know how you can bend the rules to change the result of whatever it is you’re working on. Of course, you may make mistakes, but without mistakes the world would be without printers, potato chips and Post-it® Notes. That would suck.

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Jaideep Patel, Publisher
Jaideep Patel currently functions as Publisher for the Malaysia and Singapore offices of GTI Media Asia, which is part of Group GTI, the world's largest graduate careers media business.