Job Search Suicide Sheet

Job Search Suicide Sheet

Here are some things a jobseeker can do to kill off any and all career opportunities.

#1: Beg for a job

No matter how desperate you may think you are, never beg for a job. In any case, a sad email sent to a recruiter will only kill off your chances of landing a job.

All jobs require suitable candidates to fill them, so complete the due processes which includes sending in a proper job application and completing the interview stage (or stages – you may be invited to attend several interviews).

Sending a sad email to a recruiter’s email address just shows how lazy and uninterested you are in the position offered. In fact, it also makes you appear selfish. If everyone else can apply for jobs the proper way, you should be able to do the same too.

#2: Complicate your CV

Finding a job in Malaysia (or anywhere else for that matter) requires one to put in the necessary effort. Recruiters want to see how hungry you are for the job, and how well you know their company. Above all, they are interested in knowing if you are the right fit for the job you are applying for – and they don’t have much time to determine the fact.

What this means is that your CV should be clear, concise and error-free. Don’t let the recruiter guess how long you’ve worked, or allow them to find spelling mistakes on your application. In most cases, a shorter CV can actually be more useful than a long one. Just remain focused on detailing the key points.

For tips on crafting impactful CVs you can head on to the Career Advice section on

#3: Depend on just one platform

Getting hired is a 2-way street: you need to observe recruiters, and at the same time, you need to be visible enough for them to observe you. If you depend on just one source for jobs, you will be waiting for an opportunity for a very long time.

More and more recruiters are finding great candidates via social media – be it LinkedIn, Facebook or even Instagram. Start following some of your favourite companies, and make sure that you carry yourself professionally on your social media accounts. Be consistent with your profile pictures and always assume that a recruiter is watching your every move. Create separate accounts if necessary.

At the same time, use the power of the face-to-face encounter to your advantage. Take the time to visit career fairs and speak to company representatives directly. Events such as Mega Careers & Study Fair are vital tools for you to rub shoulders with recruiters, and find out what’s out there as far as jobs are concerned.