Life Lessons From The Hobbit: Part 1

Life Lessons From The Hobbit: Part 1

Hoe Pik Lin fashions a few takeaway lessons that young graduates can learn from one of the greatest fantasy stories of our generation.

Go On An Adventure

Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who is content with his peaceful life in The Shire until the day a company of dwarves crashed through his door and offered him a position as a burglar. Like any sane person (or gentlehobbit of Bag End, in Bilbo’s case), it is only natural that he balked (and pretty much swooned) at the prospect of crossing half of Middle Earth to face a dragon at the end of his journey. The group of rowdy dwarves certainly did not make the thought of the journey any more fanciful.

Most fresh graduates are just like Bilbo, wide-eyed, clueless and terrified of the unexpected journey before them. Just as Bilbo had never had an adventure, most graduates had never held a full-time job before their graduation. Naturally, most of them might not know what to expect from their career but that should not deter them from signing a contract of employment and make the most of their career. After all, life is an unexpected journey, so be willing to embrace it.

Find Your Courage

Accustomed to the comforts of his hobbit hole, Bilbo found it hard to adapt to the world beyond The Shire as he did not believe that he has the skills to take on the challenges that the world has to offer. However, in Goblin-town under the Hill, Bilbo found himself stranded away from the company and protection of the dwarves for the first time and to make matters worse, he had to contend with Gollum who threatened to eat him. It was only through his wits (and good ol’ Hobbit sense) that that poor Bilbo managed to talk his way out of the jaws of Gollum.

Sometimes, it takes a hard choice or a difficult situation for someone to find their courage. Throughout your career, you will be facing many complications that may seem impossible to overcome; instead of running away, you will have to discover within yourself the courage to take on these challenges and grow as a person. Never doubt yourself even when others do, and eventually, they will come to understand you and see your worth.

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