Life Lessons From The Hobbit: Part 2

Life Lessons From The Hobbit: Part 2

Hoe Pik Lin fashions a few takeaway lessons that young graduates can learn from one of the greatest fantasy stories of our generation.

This is part 2 of the article. To read part 1, click here.

Get A Team

Let’s face it, in the beginning of the story, the company of Thorin Oakenshield is nothing more than a ragtag team of dwarves whom Balin aptly described as ‘we number just thirteen, and not thirteen of the best, nor brightest’. The addition of Bilbo as a burglar certainly did nothing to tip the scales in their favour and everyone, from the sagely Elrond to the other clans of dwarves, doubted their chances of success and even dubbed their endeavour as a fool’s quest.

In the end, the party proved everyone wrong as they not only managed to journey across Middle Earth against all odds; they even succeeded in reclaiming the Lonely Mountain and its treasure. Part of their success was from the fact that they worked through thin and thick together to overcome all obstacles, from the battle in Goblin Town to the escape from Mirkwood. They were not a huge company but everyone played their role as well as worked and fought together to ensure the success of the quest.

In the context of the working world, you do not need to have a huge team to succeed in the impossible. What you do need is a team who could actually work together, with right key people to play the right roles. As Thorin puts it, it is more important to have a team who has ‘loyalty, honour and a willing heart’. Just as the company needs Bilbo as a stealthy burglar, you will have your part to play as well when it comes to your organisation.

Keep Your Conscience

In one of the most character-defining scenes of the first film, Bilbo could have chosen to rid Gollum and make his escape. Furthermore, he was wearing the One Ring – an object known to be able to corrupt great men into dark deeds. However, instead of acting mercilessly against Gollum, Bilbo found pity in his heart and stayed his sword, stopping himself from a heinous crime and ultimately staying true to himself.

Likewise, the corporate world is a dog-eat-dog one. But in the midst of all the office turmoil and troubles, you must never lose yourself or allow yourself to be swayed into committing bad decisions that goes against your conscience as you will regret them in the future. You will eventually find yourself making hard decisions but always keep your conscience clear and make good judgments.