Three Types Of Visitors You Meet At Career Fairs

Three Types Of Visitors You Meet At Career Fairs

Jaideep Patel gives a rundown of three unique characters one is sure to spot at a career fair.

I’ve been in the thick of the action of quite a few career fairs. Not just ‘been’ in them like a visitor would, but I’m part of the organising committee for Mega Careers & Study Fair @ KLCC.

Naturally, I’ll also use this opportunity to say that we managed to bring in a crowd of 38,000 over two days on 22-23 August 2015. I’m quite proud of our achievement, but this piece isn’t about how great our events are. Or how we helped thousands of people get a clearer picture of what they can do professionally once they graduate. It is about the types of people you are bound to meet at any career fair, and how you can (and should) avoid being one of them!

The Postman

Not many people take notice of postmen. This is because in most cases, they are quick, very quiet, and get about their daily business with no fuss. Sadly, some graduates behave this exact same way at career fairs. Forget about the valuable face time with employers. The Postman sneaks into the fair with a large brown envelope filled with dozens of copies of his or her résumé for the sole purpose of dropping them anonymously. They think that landing a job is a numbers game: the more résumés dropped to potential employers, the higher the chance of getting hired. Oh, those poor souls.

The Stranger

Clueless. Oblivious. Aimless. One can describe this type of graduate using these words and many others, but we all know how they are like. They appear dazed and confused at career fairs – as if they were magically transported to a strange new place – and nonchalantly make their way through the halls with little to no effort to interact with exhibitors. The prospect of getting called for an interview doesn’t interest them. The idea of being hired on the spot by a leading graduate employer doesn’t make their hearts flutter. Sometimes I wonder why they even turn up, and if they even have a pulse.

The Recycler

Now here’s is an interesting one, and no fair is complete without a few of them thrown into the mix. The Recycler has a strange habit of frantically collecting as many flyers, posters, prospectus and freebie from every single exhibitor, for reasons unknown. Nothing excites them more than picking up every piece of glossy handout. Their motto is ‘If it’s free, take it.’ Unless you have a recycling business, there is no need for you to become one of them because job-seeking should be systematic and targeted. This isn’t grocery shopping at the hypermarket!