Accounting & Professional Services

Length/duration of opportunity

Full time

Job scope

1, Performing penetration testing and vulnerability assessment on various types of technologies, implementations, and industries. These includes:

  •  Penetration testing using automated tools and manual techniques
  •  Mobile and web application penetration testing
  •  Network penetration testing
  •  Host and database assessment and security configuration review
  •  Wireless security assessment
  •  Network security architecture design review
  •  Source code security reviews
  •  Cyber security maturity assessment

2, Performing incident response and forensics investigations, which includes:

  •  Host and network forensics investigations
  •  Malware analysis and reverse engineering
  •  Incident response and handling

3. Developing subject matter expertise in topics related to cyber security and penetration testing
4.Researching and analyzing known penetration testing methodologies, vulnerabilities and exploits, and
tools and techniques
5. Working with regional and global team members in conducting penetration testing
6.Writing reports detailing findings and recommendations, and preparing presentations and
communicating with clients on the results of penetration testing
7. Conducting training and knowledge sharing with team members


  • Possess strong enthusiasm and interest in information security
  •  Able to document technical information for executive level reporting and presentation
  •  Ability to work unsupervised and within team environment
  • Able to communicate effectively in both written and spoken English
  •  Good communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills
  •  Independent, self-motivated, organized, and results oriented individuals capable of handling multiple
  • tasks and achieving tight deadlines
  • Strong analytical and management skills
  • Strong technical knowledge in operating systems, networking, applications, and a good
  • understanding of security issues