Life On The Job: Management Associate

Amelia Chew Li Huay, Management Associate at Fraser & Neave Holdings Berhad tells readers what it's like to be in his shoes!
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Amelia Chew Li Huay
Management Associate

At university 

I took up marketing and advertising in university which helped me gain a wider perspective and understanding of how the media industry works. I now better understand the importance of selecting the correct media platform in order to effectively reach the target audience.

My background

Prior to joining F&N, I interned in a digital marketing agency in Brisbane, Australia for seven weeks while completing my undergraduate degree. During my time there, I assisted in developing, managing and organising a total of four major events for a charitable cause.

My company and job

As Management Associate at F&N, I get to interact with people from different departments, and this has helped me network and connect with others which will greatly help me in my future permanent placement. My job includes managing festive promotions, understanding production lines as well as attending various meetings such as sales and marketing, commercial, and media meetings. I also get opportunities to attend training sessions that enhances both my soft and hard skills.

The best and worst bits 

The best part of the job is its high learning curve as there is something new to learn from every department. The worst bits are the amount of paperwork that is required and meeting deadlines.

My most memorable achievement at work 

My biggest achievement was identifying a major issue in one of the software systems, which were giving inconsistent meter readings, when it should have been a fixed reading. I took matters into my own hands by contacting the technician and, thereafter, I diligently monitored the readings on the software to ensure consistency.

Getting the job 

The whole interview process was rather quick but very competitive. However, I believe that it was my self-confidence, personality, academic knowledge, and leadership qualities that enabled me to stand out from the rest of the candidates.

Be prepared for... 

Working in a fast-paced working environment.

Some advice 

Be open to learn and be ready to take on any challenges. Don’t be afraid to ask as we are here to learn. Education may not matter as much because in the end, it is all about your attitude and willingness to learn. Expand your network to work with others outside of your working line. Most importantly, be yourself.