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Read on to find out more about leadership insights from Shiva Pillay, who had 4 years of experience in Veeam Software.
Whether you’re purchasing coffee at your local shop or managing your finances, FinTech is all around us in 2022. But what is FinTech, and how is it being used?
The financial services sector is a section of the economy made up of firms and institutions that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers. Here’s what you need to know.

Applications and CVs

Building a CV that sells you as a person, your skills, knowledge and experience is crucial to get recruiters to notice you. Here are 6 marketing tips you can use to make your CV work that much harder for you.
The cover letter is your résumé’s best friend. Don’t send one off without the other!
Your résumé is usually your first step in convincing future employers that you’re the right person for the job. Make it count!

Assessment Centres

With a large amount of information presented on assessment centre case studies and the many things to consider, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are some simple tips to help you prepare for them and impress your recruiters on the day.
Case studies are one of the most effective methods of seeing a candidate “in action”. Discover what assessment centre case studies are and how to start preparing for them.
Presentations are almost certainly required at assessment centres and it’s important that you know what to expect. Discover the types of presentations and what assessors are looking for during them.

Early Career

If you’re entering the job market now, you might be in for a hybrid work arrangement. To smoothly transition into it, you’ll need to practice self-management. Discover these four self-management skills that’ll help you successfully navigate through your hybrid work routine.
Switching or starting a new career can be a tiring job (no pun intended) with the seemingly endless job search and applications. Discover effective strategies on how to deal with and take care of yourself during this trying period.
Look at your first graduate job as more of a package than just a job with a paycheck – you’re entitled to a range of perks and benefits for the modern workplace.

Internships and Work Experience

Going for your first interview? Make sure you know what to expect and what is expected of you before walking through that door.
Internships may be your first taste of the working world, but it may not be sunshine and roses. A pragmatic reality of gaining work experience is that you might end up experiencing some of the problems that are common in the working world as well. So it’s best to know how to handle some of those just in case. 
Life as an intern is not a bed of roses – you have to prove yourself despite your inexperience. Here are some tips on how you can shine during your internship!

Interview Tips and Techniques

Here are 8 steps to help you think on your feet and prepare you for all eventualities during the interview.
Technical interviews may be a different ballgame, but don't freak out. Read on to make sure you're well prepared for them.
Here are 5 tips to help you ace that informal interview.

Planning Your Job Search

Heard about the importance of connecting with your target employers before applying for a job, but is still lost at doing so? We might have a few pointers for you to practice before sending out that cover letter, so put on your best smile and let’s take the first step!
Employer research is vital to a graduate’s job hunting success. Don’t even think about starting on an application form, CV or walk into an interview without doing it. Read on for the ultimate guide to research your favourite employers.
Before you embark upon that job-seeking quest of yours, Shiffa Aziz has some tips to offer on the strategies in finding the right job just for you!

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