Online Job Applications: After You Click The “Send” Button

Jaideep Patel explains some sure-fire tricks of increasing your online job hunt success rates.
Jaideep Patel, publisher

You want a job. You see one posted online. You dig up your résumé and cover letter, key in your details, and click send. Then you wait.

Did anyone spot the mistake in that process?

Many Malaysian jobseekers (fresh and seasoned) tend to fail at the very end of the job application procedure. We somehow think that by clicking the “send” button, everything is done and dusted, and you just have to patiently wait for the call. That could not be further from the truth, as the follow-up is absolutely vital.

What is the follow-up?

After you have submitted your job application online, there is more you can do than to just sit and wait. In fact, the first few days AFTER you have submitted your application are mission critical. Here are a few things you should do after clicking on the “send” button:

Step one: Track (but don’t stalk) the hiring manager

Try searching for the contact details online of the hiring manager. His or her name, position and email address will be what you want to find out – knowing his or her phone number is a wonderful bonus. You should also have the address of the company you applied for saved somewhere.

Remember, recruiters are human, and even though you applied for the job online, the decision to hire (or not to hire) you lies in the hands of a living, breathing person. So it’s good to know more about this living, breathing person.

Step two: Check for job application updates

If you use LinkedIn to apply for a job, you will know when the job poster has viewed your application. Knowing that the recruiter has picked up (and possibly shortlisted) your job application is a great source of motivation for a job seeker such as yourself, but don’t rest on your laurels. There is more work to be done.

Step three: Make contact

What if you don’t hear anything from the company? Do you keep waiting? The answer is a big, fat NO. It is entirely up to you to escalate the matter. In fact, you will stand out more if you actually made an effort to enquire about the position.

Remember step one? Now it’s time to utilise the intel you have gathered. Drop the hiring manager an email or, if you need to, call them directly. You can also check your LinkedIn account to see if there are any job status alerts waiting for you. Ultimately,  you want to remind the recruiter that you applied for the job (but be very careful with the details e.g. date applied, job title, etc).