Utilising Your Digital Presence

Here is Benny Razali’s guide on ways to make your digital self more presentable in the eyes of recruiters.
Benny Razali
Writer, gradmalaysia.com

According to a survey conducted by Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers 2016/17, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are the four social media platforms that are most frequently used by fresh grads to seek for jobs and engage with employers.

It is safe to say we are all constantly present on the world wide web nowadays. As long as you’re on social media (regardless of which one), you’re building up your said presence. In the job-hunting field, it is almost a guaranteed process for future employers to browse through the data you have put forth – willingly and free-for-all to see – with the intention to evaluate if you are a favourable addition to the organisation.

So how can you properly tailor your information to make sure that you put your best foot forward and help yourself in this job-hunting process by gaining favour from your potential employers?

Get linked! (LinkedIn)

Get a more recent and professional-looking picture (selfies don’t work here!) and update your experience. Go into detail on what you did during internship and all the times you participated in voluntary programmes in university. Add that to your profile! Some recruiters are more interested with your participation in extracurricular activities than your academic achievements, so let’s make sure you don’t miss anything.

Connect with thought leaders of your preferred field. Initiate conversations with them in their postings. If you are brave enough, you could always message them for some career advice. They would usually be more than willing to share their knowledge with keen to motivate fresh graduates (perhaps you remind them of their younger self). Once you have established a genuine connection with them, politely ask them if they could endorse you on some skills you are confident with.

Status: Employed. (Facebook)

Again, post pictures of events that are relevant to the job. Candid pictures and fun captions are a great way to showcase your personality, rather than just through your standardised résumé.

Be extremely careful with your words. This does not mean that you have lost all rights of posting about interesting topics, though. Just be sure to remove any content that could be offensive. Be yourself, but if your true self is a wee bit too much to handle, maybe it’s time to tone it down a little.

Click and subscribe… for a job! (YouTube)

An extensive history on YouTube is not needed to garner attention from corporations. You merely need to tailor your content to your targeted recruiters. If you are interested in pursuing a career in media, utilise this platform to its maximum limit. Research on ways to effectively tag your videos, put thought into planning your content and be sure to not oversell yourself.

P/S: Don’t forget to share your video links on your résumé and other social media!

Show them; don’t tell them! If you find it difficult to explain your strengths through words, you can flaunt it in your videos. For fields such as graphic design and architecture, you can always choose to show off your skills by capturing live footage of yourself using core programmes during your design process. Think of it as your online portfolio – surely you want to make it as neat as possible.

#Promoteyourself along with your selfies (Instagram)

Ah, Instagram - the perfect platform for self-marketing. The vibrant short videos, pictures and of course, #instagramstory. While you’re busy posting about that concert you were at last week with your followers and friends, why don’t you market yourself to the right recruiters as well?

Give them a little clue on what kind of social events excite you, or the kind of topics would trigger your concern. Let’s bait them into a small portion of your ‘personal space’ to show them that you can be responsible and have fun at the same time.


The best way to keep your digital presence in check is to make sure that you only post useful and non-detrimental content. Connect every platform to one another to create a wider reach, and monitor your updates. Utilising all of these platforms in your career advancement is a legit skill nowadays, so start planning today and get on those platforms like a professional.