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Discover the latest trends in the Takaful industry with insights from Wan Ahmad Najib Wan Ahmad Lotfi, Chief Distribution Officer at FWD Takaful. In this engaging discussion, Wan Ahmad Najib delves into the industry's growth trajectory, driven by digitalization, changing consumer behaviors, and a heightened focus on social responsibility. Gain valuable insights into how these trends are reshaping the Takaful landscape and driving innovation in the sector.
Delve into the impact of blockchain on financial reporting and auditing practices in Malaysia with Andrew Heng, the Group Managing Partner at Baker Tilly (Malaysia). Explore challenges, opportunities, and essential skills for accounting professionals. Understand how regulatory bodies respond to ensure compliance and data security, while discovering the role of blockchain in enhancing reliability in the Malaysian accounting industry.

Sector Areas of Work

Graduates in this area of work craft complex and bespoke financing instruments for companies in need of capital.
Stockbrokers buy or sell stocks and shares on behalf of private clients or businesses.
An inter-dealer broker is a specialist financial intermediary that facilitates transactions between broker-dealers, dealer banks and other financial institutions.
Investment management involves the handling and growing financial assets and other investments—not only buying and selling them.
Islamic finance is about helping clients make money in adherence to the principles of Islamic law or Shariah law.
Retail bankers are responsible for assisting and advising customers with their daily financial needs.
A corporate banker handles banking responsibilities for company accounts and offers the bank’s services to help the business grow.
The investment banking career path attracts people who are high achievers, competitive, and willing to work long hours.
With the adoption of technology in banking and financial services, this industry oversees countless transactions every day.
Risk managers assess potential financial investment risks, and help clients and companies fully understand them before making investments..
Regulation and compliance in financial institutions are all about ensuring adherence to both internal and external guidelines and laws.

Sector Essentials

Here’s gradmalaysia’s A-Z jargon guide for graduates to understand key terms used in the investment banking industry.
Here’s how to discover what niche in the investment banking industry is right for you!
Here’s our A-Z jargon guide for graduates to understand key terms used in the financial services and banking industry.
The investment banking career path attracts people who are high achievers, competitive, and willing to work long hours.
Whether you’re purchasing coffee at your local shop or managing your finances, FinTech is all around us in 2022. But what is FinTech, and how is it being used?
The financial services sector is a section of the economy made up of firms and institutions that provide financial services to commercial and retail customers. Here’s what you need to know.
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Starting a new career can be difficult, especially if your current degree is focused on a different field. When it comes to a career in finance, it is possible to enter the industry without obtaining a finance degree.
A well-functioning financial system is vital for a robust economy. With financial regulations in place, it helps protect both businesses and consumers from risk and fraud. But who are these regulators and what exactly do they regulate? Let’s find out!
From financial managers to corporate CFOs, a career in finance is often demanding and at times very stressful. So how do you know if working in the finance industry is the right choice for you? To get the ball rolling, here’s a quick introduction to the three sectors we will be focusing on.

Sector Applications

Preparation is the key to a successful interview. Interviewers are looking for the best candidate to fill the vacancy, and your role is to persuade them that the person is you!
Regardless of your field of study, jobs in the financial services industry are plenty and within reach. It simply takes some research into the different firms and roles available before you decide which one is the most suitable for you.
A good CV shows finance recruiters why you are suitable for the job. Here’s how to write one!
Prepare yourself for assessment centres and case studies with these tips.
Every job interview you attend is a new process. Here’s our foolproof interview checklist to help you get ready to impress employers!
We know it’s not easy to write a cover letter. You spent a decade of your life in education, for some actively involved in school activities, clubs, associations and not forgetting your internship and part-time jobs. So how do you cramp all of that information in a one-page cover letter?