Early Career

Finding the right balance in your professional and personal pursuits can be very overwhelming as a fresh graduate. Here are some ways you can make that journey a more intentional, mindful, and enjoyable experience!
Accepting or declining a job offer is a significant decision in your career journey and can seem daunting. Here’s how to approach both scenarios while being professional and respectful along the way.
If you’re entering the job market now, you might be in for a hybrid work arrangement. To smoothly transition into it, you’ll need to practice self-management. Discover these four self-management skills that’ll help you successfully navigate through your hybrid work routine.
Switching or starting a new career can be a tiring job (no pun intended) with the seemingly endless job search and applications. Discover effective strategies on how to deal with and take care of yourself during this trying period.
Look at your first graduate job as more of a package than just a job with a paycheck – you’re entitled to a range of perks and benefits for the modern workplace.
Although you shouldn’t base your decisions on just salary alone, it’s still a pivotal factor to determine whether to accept a job offer!
Taking a pay cut during tough times is never easy, but it doesn’t mean things are completely hopeless. Here are some tips on how to navigate through this.
Eager to make the most out of your time for your employability while social distancing? Here are 5 career-friendly things that you can do without leaving the house.
Looking to pursue marketing as your first job? Good for you! Truth is, securing your first marketing job, or any job for that matter, is a daunting task. Here are gradmalaysia’s 5 useful tips to give you the best start on that marketing route!
Ready to leave your job and start a career elsewhere? Here are some easy steps to help you find the right words and craft that professional resignation letter.