Employers' Expectations

Check out what Tharisini Krishnan, Talent Acquisition Manager at Deriv Services Sdn Bhd has got to say about résumés, job applications and interviews!
gradmalaysia-Deriv-EE-Tharisini Krishnan
Tharisini Krishnan
Talent Acquisition Manager, Deriv Services Sdn Bhd
gradmalaysia-Deriv-EE-Tharisini Krishnan

Getting hired

Every employee is being hired because employers believe that they will add value to the team and the company one way or another. It’s no different for fresh graduates – you may lack the field experience but should have the hunger and attitude to learn; invest time and energy in taking up relevant side projects that help master a particular skill.

Additionally, be agile enough to adapt and work in a dynamic environment and above all, be a great team player. You shouldn’t be aiming to impress, instead be honest and transparent about your experience, weaknesses, improvements.

Attractive applications

You should highlight hands-on learning experience (i.e. internships, online courses, volunteer work) and skills relevant to the job for which you are applying for. No one resume may suit all jobs; structure it to best represent your experience to the role you’re applying for.

What not to highlight? The hobbies and skills that are for leisure, and you have no intention to work on them whatsoever. Anything that doesn’t add value in representing yourself, your skills, or your experience has no place in your resume.

New job skills

This is very specific to the career or activities in which you are interested in. Most of the companies are data-driven, and no matter the role you’re applying for, your employer would appreciate it if you’re knowledgeable in analytics. Take up courses on data analytics, statistics, and polish your Excel skills.

Otherwise, study the market trend of the industry you’re interested in or applying for – keep yourself updated at all times.

Online interviews

Ensure there’s a good internet connection and test the connection, video and audio before the interview.

Choose a decent environment as background and dress decently too. Also, please don’t even think about taking the interview from your car.

Be present (physically and mentally) and be sure distractions are eliminated from your surroundings so you can give your best during the interview.

The rest is no different than a face-to-face interview. Listen to questions carefully; ask as many questions as possible – interviews are a two-way conversation at the end of the day.

Keep moving forward

As cheesy as it sounds, my advice is never to give up. The pandemic has spared no one in teaching various lessons. Be focussed in upskilling and improving yourself. Work on staying confident; you’d need it now more than ever.

If you have a specific interest, be it a particular company, a job or you’re starting something of your own – even during this pandemic, have a targeted approach. There are still many companies out there who are hiring and are looking for talented people like you. Don’t settle and wait for results from the mass emails you’ve sent. Take a proactive approach and follow up to show your interest. And be very open to options.

What is needed in a fresh graduate’s application?

Cover letter: No

Professional photo: Yes

Career objective: No

Fancy résumé: No

References (referees): Yes

Updated LinkedIn profile: Yes

Maximum number of résumé pages: 2 pages