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Mohamed Iran Moriff bin Mohd Shariff

Read on to learn more about leadership insights from Mohamed Iran Moriff, COO, at Bank Islam Malaysia.
Mohamed Iran Moriff bin Mohd Shariff
Chief Operating Officer, Bank Islam Malaysia

When you look back over your journey towards being the leader that you are today, could you please share with our readers some of your deeply held values? 

They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree. I want to think that my deeply held values come from my parents.

I am hardworking, punctual, and a person of integrity. I challenge myself to be the best I can be in everything I do. I take pride in completing my academic and professional qualifications. Today, I lead my team to deliver the best customer experience. I set strict deadlines and work hard to achieve those deadlines.  

I was brought up with deep moral values. I hold these values dear to my heart as much as my parents are dear to me.

Throughout your career in this company, what were some of the most inspiring moments that kept you motivated to stay resilient when the going gets tough? 

In January 2014, I decided to challenge myself and signed up for an event known as the Ironman. It is a brutal event requiring the participants to swim 3.8kms, cycle 180kms and run 42kms within 17 hours.

At that time, I was the Deputy Chief Internal Auditor, and my job was very demanding. I had to attend the Board Audit Committees, review the audit manual and lead many audit fieldworks. It was tough to manage work and Ironman training, but I managed to find the right balance.

I was appointed as the Chief Internal Auditor in June 2014, and in November, I completed the Ironman.

Share with our readers a leader/role model that you place in high regard and how he/she has impacted your growth as a leader of this company.

My role model is my late dad. He was an ambitious kampung boy who wanted to get out and serve the country. He studied hard and managed to get himself into a prestigious boarding school. He later signed up for the military and trained in the United Kingdom. After completing his training, he returned home and successfully led many important assignments. He ended his illustrious career as the Chief of Navy.

My dad was a highly disciplined man, dedicated to his work, his health, a visionary, and an exemplary father. Many people would tell me that he was a man of integrity to this date.

To wrap things up, what would you like to share with our fresh graduates to ensure them being on the right track as they prepare to enter the working world?

Learning is a lifelong journey. Yes, you have just graduated from your university, and you might think that finally, there is no more learning to be done. Well, you're mistaken.

The world changes every day, and we need to keep up with this constant change. There are professional certifications for almost every field out there. Go out there and get it!

However, if you are not ready to recommence studying, give yourself a break. Pick up a new hobby and make new friends. But after a couple of years, be prepared to obtain that certification. It would be best if you got that professional certification.  

Share with us the top 3 must-have traits/qualities that good leaders should possess. Your answer should be concise and impactful! (Please refer to the design template attached for your reference)

  • Excellent Story Tellers
  • Visionary
  • Wisdom