Pam Lee Wen Ai

Pam shares her stories about her career so far, and passes on advice that she would like to give to you!
Pam Lee Wen Ai
Executive Director, Advisory




Executive Director, Advisory


BSc Accounting & Finance, London School of Economics & Political Science, UK, 2009

Professional association membership

Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW)

Has been with the company for

7 years

What does motivation mean to you? How do you keep yourself motivated in challenging times?

Motivation is what makes you get up every morning. My passion for continuous learning keeps me going. 

Name three (3) ways a student or fresh grad can invest in themselves.


  • Communication skills – The ability to communicate effectively is key. Joining Toastmasters can help you build confidence in communication
  • Collaboration skills – The workplace requires a lot of teamwork
  • Computational learning – Technology is changing the way we do things. You have to be comfortable in using technology.

What are the qualities that separate leaders from managers?

Leaders inspire and lead through others, no matter their age or position.

If you could turn back time, how would you improve yourself – personally or professionally?

I’d practise having humility – this quality was something I learnt the hard way during the first year of my career. I wished I knew earlier to be more humble when talking to bosses and to "give face" to bosses at that time.

What is the one habit that has continued to help you grow as a person?

Continuous learning. During my five years as an auditor, I learnt to listen and question. During a stint as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), I learnt to lead a company’s finance operation. 

Moreover, when I worked in financial advisory for 5 years, I learnt to be a trusted advisor to my clients. Outside of work, I am still learning as a parent.

Name one surprising or interesting fact about yourself.

I joined the Mrs Malaysia Asia International 2015 pageant at the age of 29. I won second runner-up and took home the title of Mrs Malaysia Asia International Global 2015.