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Prof Dr Abd Jalil Ghazali

Prof Dr Abd Jalil Ghazali shares his stories about his career so far, and passes on advice that he would like to give to you!
Prof Dr Abd Jalil Ghazali
Vice President for Industrial Linkages & Entrepreneurship


Management and Science University (MSU)


Vice President for Industrial Linkages & Entrepreneurship


Diploma Banking Studies, UiTM Shah Alam, 1981; Bachelor Business Administration – Finance, Western Michigan University, US, 1983; Master Business Administration – Finance, University of Kansas, US, 1985; Doctor in Business Administration (DBA) – University of Newcastle, Australia, 2006

Additional qualifications

  • Certificate in Training & Development (1995)
  • Certified Professional Coach (2011)

Professional association membership

FMM Selangor IR4.0 and Entrepreneurship & Innovation Committees Member

Has been with the company for

6 years and 5 months

What does motivation mean to you? How do you keep yourself motivated in challenging times?

Motivation is about energising myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; they're all interdependent. If you are mentally stressed, you'll not be physically and emotionally healthy. If you don’t take care of your spiritual needs, your life will feel meaningless. 

It’s about seeing things from their positive outlook rather than the negative side. 

My life motto is Carpe Diem, which means seize the day. During this challenging time, I keep myself motivated by taking life one day at a time. A balanced life is not about dividing work and personal life but rather taking life holistically by making full use of the time we have. 

In times of difficulty, as it is now, we have so many opportunities to serve humanity. Many people are facing difficulties, hence it’s time to serve and assist others in need, be it material or emotional support. That’s motivating for me.

Name three (3) ways a student or fresh grad can invest in themselves.

Anyone, student or fresh grad should invest in continuous education. It’s not about just collecting more qualifications, but rather about continuous learning. Learning different transferable skills that are useful and applicable in daily life. 

Moreover, they should also invest their time in the community and social voluntary efforts in areas that can build their leadership, communication, organisation, teamwork and empathy. These life lessons teach us to be human, to appreciate what we have and empathise with those who have nots. 

Lastly, students and fresh grads should always sharpen the saw by keeping themselves up-to-date with trends and skills. Knowledge is now at our fingertips.

What are the qualities that separate leaders from managers?

Leaders lead, managers manage. Leaders are the pillars of an organisation, a community, and a nation. They are rooted to the ground to hold the roof that shelters everyone. They take the challenges thrown at them and protect those beneath them.  

Most leaders are good managers but not all managers can be good leaders. Leaders have followers who are willing to serve and sacrifice for the common goal. Leaders always see the bigger picture; the forest rather than the trees.  

In challenging times, leaders are the captain of ships. They are the last to abandon ship until every crew and passenger are safe. At times they hide all the pains to ensure that their followers feel secured. 

Leaders are not about position or authority but rather about trust, respect and integrity.

If you could turn back time, how would you improve yourself – personally or professionally?

It’s good to reflect but you can’t turn back time. Looking back, I'd say I should be more adventurous. I have a passion for creative arts but was not able to pursue it as it was not the preferred career path at that time. 

Furthermore, communicating with others was not my strength and I had to acquire it over my working years. 

Now that I have the time, I'd indulge myself in painting, poetry and photography, and I practice my communication skills through coaching and sharing my knowledge with others.

What is the one habit that has continued to help you grow as a person?

Doing my bit to positively affect someone’s life has been the catalyst for my continued growth. I took an early retirement from my corporate life to make time to pursue this passion. 

I no longer see myself working but rather serving humanity. I no longer pursue financial returns but rather foster inner happiness for a day’s worth. 

In serving others I see beyond race and religion, and in the end, I see myself.

Name one surprising or interesting fact about yourself.

I am an artistic person by nature. I enjoy creative arts, designs, painting, music and nature. And most of all I love fast driving sexy sports cars.