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Rajesh Kumar Kottul

Rajesh shares his stories about his career so far, and passes on advice that he would like to give to you!
Rajesh Kumar Kottul
Vice President, Chief Sales Officer – SE Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan, Country Head – Malaysia




Vice President, Chief Sales Officer – SE Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan, Country Head – Malaysia


Bachelor of Engineering – Computer Science, Bangalore University, India

Has been with the company for

5 years

What does motivation mean to you? How do you keep yourself motivated in challenging times?

I started my career as a Network Engineer, then into software coding before I realised my flair and affinity towards sales. I've been in sales for 27 years and this is where I found my full potential. 

Understanding the problem statement, articulating the high-level solution, convincing the prospects, and finally closing a deal, have always been my motivation. To excel in sales, I think it's important for one to be self-driven and motivated. We need to always keep our eyes on the ball. I am always focused on the tasks at hand and the objectives to be met. 

Talking to my team to know what's happening on the ground helps keep me aligned with my goals. I’m motivated to help my peers to achieve greater heights in the company, especially during challenging times.

Name three (3) ways a student or fresh grad can invest in themselves.

  • Keep Learning: The opportunity to learn is everywhere! Pick up new skills or learn a new language. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, learn, re-learn, and un-learn. Find your niche. Be open to opportunities.
  • Step Up, Speak Up and Connect: On many occasions, I have witnessed staff waiting to be told or asked. We must be brave to step up and speak up for our ideas to be heard. This helps develop leadership skills and connect better with people around you.
  • Get Creative: Today’s complex problems require out-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions which can't be studied from textbooks. Paint, sing, dance, write – try something that is out of your natural element. This encourages you to be more creative, and you never know what opportunities creativity may bring to you one day.

What are the qualities that separate leaders from managers?

Everyone can be a leader. In a corporate environment, a leader is one who sets visions for the organisation, while managers are those who execute it. 

However, I’ve seen many excellent managers who possess strong leadership qualities as well. To me, you do not need a title to be a leader, just passion, vision, and action.

If you could turn back time, how would you improve yourself – personally or professionally?

If I become Dr Strange and turn back time, the only thing I’d change about myself would be to invest time in learning a musical instrument; that would have allowed me to be a more creative person. 

I will not change anything else as everyone and everything in the past contributed to who I am today, and I am thankful for that.

What is the one habit that has continued to help you grow as a person?

Every day I wake up at 5 am to work out and then pray after my shower. I thank my parents for instilling this habit in me. Prayers help me stay calm and collected. They also help me find gratitude and a sense of serenity. Most importantly, always stay grounded.

Name one surprising or interesting fact about yourself.

I love to sing. I speak four languages and can sing in all four languages. While singing is my first love, I still need to keep my day job for now. Nevertheless, do call me if you need a singer for an event (laughs).