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Siti Rossimawati Semong

Check out what Rossimawati Semong, Head, Customer Experience & Governance Department at Bank Islam, has got to say about résumés, job applications and interviews!
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Siti Rossimawati Semong
Head, Customer Experience & Governance Department
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Getting hired

Fresh graduates must highlight their accomplishments in undertaking any tasks assigned during their study and/or internship. They must focus more on the skills acquired/applied in completing the given task. The information will provide some insights to potential employers and give them an idea about the candidate's personality, capabilities and skills. Apart from that, fresh graduates should be able to converse well in languages such as English and Bahasa Malaysia confidently.

Attractive applications  

The accomplishment of the assignments or projects during their internship indicates achievements and skills acquired to complete the deliverables that the employers expect. Candidates should also highlight the time taken to complete a task, deliver it promptly, and meet the objectives of the assignments undertaken. It would be advantageous if the candidates could highlight their relevant achievements to the future employer. Additionally, academic achievements are also significant to be highlighted in the resume.

New job skills 

There are three primary skills that a job seeker should focus on learning, namely problem solving, communication and adaptability skills:

  1. Problem-solving skills are required as this helps the job seekers approach the problem creatively, identify root causes, and produce the best possible solutions.
  2. Strong communication skills are essential, and this allows jobseekers to listen to others, ask what they do not understand, explain ideas, and raise issues when required.
  3. Adaptability skill is crucial to allow jobseekers to adapt well to the rapidly changing technology and the industry that the job seekers intend to join.

Online interviews 

The easiest way to start is to be punctual, dress professionally and appropriately; showing a good posture will provide an impression of confidence and professionalism. Ones should always stay focused and visibly engaged by practising active listening while maintaining eye contact. Candidates that communicate well with confidence will be able to attract future employers to be in a vibrant and engaging conversation, and this leaves a good impression throughout the session.

Keep moving forward

There are a few tips to ensure fresh graduates remain encouraged in finding the right job, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic where competition is high. Despite the challenges, stay positive, keep trying and never give up. Please allow yourself to adjust to expectations and look for other opportunities to improve yourself. One can consider taking additional courses or certifications in relevant areas and acquiring new skills such as enhancing knowledge in technology or digital space or even venturing into a small business as a start, to name a few.

What is needed in a fresh graduate’s application?

Cover letter: Yes

Professional photo: Yes

Career objective: Yes

Fancy résumé: No

References (referees): Yes

Updated LinkedIn profile: Yes

Maximum number of résumé pages: 2 pages