Life On The Job: Café Owner

Passionate Jia Yuan shares with us his love story with food and coffee!
Tan Jia Yuan
Café Owner, Fēst

What will I do?

You will basically be required to be a jack of all trades. Your responsibilities would range from heavy lifting to handling mundane tasks, as and when the need arises. This means you need to know every aspect of your café; from appliance maintenance, to accounting, marketing, kitchen operation, customer service and also maintaining a good relationship with your customers. The job isn’t just about cooking but rather, it is an avenue for your customers to feel the love and passion invested in the preparation of their delicious meal.

Is it for me?

  • Are you prepared to spend a huge portion of your time at the café?
  • Are you willing to get down and dirty with the required maintenance?
  • Are you equipped with sufficient experience or knowledge to run a cafe?

What is the most enjoyable part of the job?

The most enjoyable part of my job, I must say, is relishing the look of joy on the faces of the customers whilst enjoying a freshly cooked meal. A close second to the above would be getting positively acknowledged for good service, yummy food and comfortable environment by my customers.

Who will employ me?

There are many job opportunities in the industry and the industry is indeed growing rapidly but fresh graduates shouldn’t be picky. They are advised to grab any opportunities that may come their way, in order to learn and grow.

How much will I earn?

Range from RM1,500 – RM5,000 depending the position and the skills they possess but they will definitely be recognised if they are fast learners.


Here are a few of specalisations from the top of my mind:

  • fine dining
  • bulk cooking
  • patisserie
  • food tasting
  • research and development
  • restaurant or cafe owner.

Having a degree in culinary management will definitely be beneficial for this line of work.

A word of advice

Learn from the best in order to be the best. That’s how you would be able to grow in the industry.