Climb The Corporate Ladder... But Don't Forget To Lend A Hand!

This is how the nice guys (and gals) do it. And they do it in style.

As emotional beings, we spend much of our lives chasing dreams - big or small. Of course, some of these are personal desires, while others come in the form of professional ambitions. It is completely natural to go after the bigger things that a career can offer, but the question is: is it possible to climb the corporate ladder while making it an effort to lend a hand to others?

The who's who of the business world is chock full of kindred souls that made their way to the top fair and square. And there are some pretty nifty additions to this long list. I came across the tale of Laura Walsh, a recovered addict who used to spend £60 on 30 pills and 20 cans of beer each day. In 2005, her dependence on substances triggered a memory loss, including all recollection of her Christmas celebration that year. She saw it as a sign to change her life. Laura now owns Advanced Cleaning UK - a multi-million pound business with an annual profit of over £500,000.

Credit goes to her for finding the willpower to turn things around. But more importantly, she deserves praise for building a workforce of 62 employees - some of which are former addicts themselves. Laura was nice enough to remember the people who went through the struggles she did for 20 years and sought to give them a lending hand.

I believe that there are some wonderful lessons in Laura's life journey thus far. She is living proof that nice people have the innate ability to inspire others in the most genuine of ways. She also lives up to another thing I believe in: that nice people tend to create work cultures that value inclusivity.

Laura also reminds me that we can never get too big to do the small things. In her YouTube channel ( one of the things she demonstrates is how to clean carpet stains. Ironically, it was right after a Christmas party (thankfully, one that she very vividly remembers).