Emailing Recruiters The Right Way

Once you've made that stellar CV, you'll want to make sure it ends up in the right person's inbox and that your email piques the hiring manager's interest enough to review your application. Here’s a simple guide to help you email recruiters with elegance!
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1. Subject Title

A good subject line states the purpose of the email with the recipient in mind. Pick a title that’s informative and clear; the key is to stand out in a full inbox. If you are applying for a specific job, make sure to state your intention, name, position applied and, if applicable, the location for the job.

E.g. Job Application, Jasmine Mun, Applying for Editorial Intern Position, Selangor

However, if you are emailing out your resume in general without a specific position in mind, you can always have a little fun in creating your subject line.

E.g. I’m your next star intern – allow me to show you why;


If you are looking for a team player, that would be me.

No matter how you decided to write your subject title, invest a little of your time in creating them so that you leave a lasting impression on your recruiters.

2. Email Address

It should contain your surname or full name, and be free from crazy words or phrases; keep it professional.

E.g. Avoid emails like      

3. Email Attachments

  • Remember to check that you’ve attached your CV and cover letter before hitting the send button! Nothing’s worse than forgetting to attach your CV into your email to recruiters.
  • Save your documents in PDF format and rename your file with your name so that recruiters can easily find your CV after they’ve downloaded it.
  • If your attachments are too large, consider placing them in a zip folder or create links for easy downloads.

4. Addressing the Recipient

  • Make an effort to discover the hiring manager’s name online at the hiring notice or company website rather than stating “Dear Sir/Madam”. Save the general greetings for the last resort.
  • Start your greeting with a “Dear” followed by the recruiter’s name. Using “Hi” is fine, but only if the recruiter uses it first, that way you know they are cool with the casual greeting.

5. Email Body Text

  • State how you found out about the job vacancy and your interest in applying for it
  • Mention the files you’ve attached and provide contact details such as your phone number

Avoid using emojis in your emails, even though you may be excited about applying for your dream job. Keep the note brief, respectful and professional. Be sure to avoid using acronyms like “btw” and “fyi” as well.

6. Signing Off & Follow Ups

  • End your email as you would in a proper cover letter by thanking the recruiter for their time
  • If you have an email signature, be sure to include details like your LinkedIn profile link and contact number.
  • Send them a follow-up note if you have not heard from them within the stated period in which you are expecting a reply.

Example of An Elegant Email To Your Recruiter: 

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