Internships: Stand Out Of The Crowd

Congratulations, you’re an intern! Now, get ready as Nashrah Ghazali walks you through the simple steps to be a super intern!
Nashrah Ghazali
Junior Writer,

It’s that period of time where you will need to go through the transition from college to the working world, or as they like to call it, adulthood. If you don’t already know, some institutions require an internship as part of the study programme. Nonetheless, it’s crucial that you treat your internship like a real job and not one of those classes that you usually just snooze through. Here’s how: 

Finding your voice

No matter what website you’re on or which seminar you attend, communication will be one of the first things highlighted in order for you to stand out from the crowd. Just because you’re an intern, it doesn’t mean that you have to hold back your thoughts and just nod to whatever everybody else is saying. The ability to articulate your opinions well is admirable but always know where to draw the line. Sounding rude is the last thing you need to happen to you during your internship and it will just be awkward. This would also show how much you can contribute to a company. 

Acting the part

But I’m just an intern! Well, that’s not a very good excuse for you to wear a wrinkled-up T-shirt to work. You should dress like you’re one of the executives if not better – it will show how professional you are even when you’re an intern. Besides that, you should always come to the office early and go home just a few minutes later. You don’t want to be that intern who comes in half an hour late every day and is already out of the door a few minutes before it’s time to go home. Just because your colleagues do that, it doesn’t mean you should too.

Taking initiative

During your internship, you need to grasp as much knowledge as you can about the working world. You can always offer help and ask for tasks to do; it’s also a good trait to have as an intern. You shouldn’t just wait for tasks to be given to you and lounge around while everyone else is busy chasing their deadlines. Because they are busy bees, you should help out, but remember to not go overboard with the requests. There’s a fine line between being proactive and being annoying. You know what to do, now go get that task and give your best!

Building connections

You will get acquainted with everyone in the office most probably on your first day as your supervisor introduces you to everybody. What you shouldn’t do is hide behind your cubicle and act like an invisible ninja. You never know when you’ll cross paths again with these people, so mingle around, talk to more people from other departments since it would benefit you in so many ways. You will gain insight of the office culture by having proper conversations with your colleagues and this will also show your interest towards the company.

Respecting timelines

Everything in life has a deadline, for example, that bread in your kitchen cupboard is expiring soon or that phone bill you haven’t paid for. As obvious as it may seem, meeting deadlines is important and it should be everything when you are an intern. You should have the ability to deliver quality work on time. That will be the starting point for you to earn your employer’s trust and soon you will be given more challenging and important tasks. You need to convince your employer that they can count on you and I promise you, it’s going to the best feeling ever. 


You’ve gone through the job search, the nerve-racking interviews and now the employer has chosen you to be an intern in their company. Clearly, they saw something promising in you so with these simple tips; it’s time to prove to them that they had made the right decision!