Making An Impression As An Intern

You’ve finally received an offer letter from a company after applying to many places. The next step is ensuring that you stand out as an intern to make the best out of your internship. Make sure they remember you!
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You will definitely feel excited and nervous before starting your internship. There might be a lot of questions running through your mind: will I be able to perform my best as an intern? Will I be able to fulfil my own learning goals during the internship? If you have already made up your mind about the company, here are some useful tips to create a good impression of yourself as an intern. 

Show Your Commitment

Commitment is an important ingredient in being an excellent intern. It shows how serious you are about the role. Show your bosses that you are interested in the tasks and projects assigned to you by doing them well and on time. By keeping up with your excellent work and deadlines, your bosses would be impressed and might even turn your internship into a full-time job. This would definitely require you to prove to your bosses that you have a track record of excellent work since the day you started. Seeking feedback on the work you have completed is a way to know what to improve on and what can be better presented.

For instance, as a visual designer intern, you might get feedback to further improve on the colours and layout of a product so it is more visually appealing to clients. That way, you get to tap on areas that need improvement to produce quality work Sometimes, commitment may also include working overtime, especially when preparing for an event or meeting deadlines. At times, you may also be required to work during weekends, too. But remember, your plans can be adjusted if you plan well and work efficiently. 

Do Challenging Tasks

Doing a difficult task will definitely force you out of your comfort zone but it is worth the shot as you get to tap on your other talents as well. Usually, doing something difficult will require more time, effort and research. The price for the risk you take is the experience of learning something entirely new and enriching your skills. Sometimes, your superiors will ask you to take on a challenging task, especially if they believe that you can execute it.

A demanding task might seem overwhelming at first but, with proper guidance from your superiors, you should be able to complete it. Remember that you should seek help from colleagues, and even your superiors, if you need help with harnessing substantial ideas or reducing the workload.

Ask Questions When In Doubt

An important trait to have as an intern is to always ask questions when you are unsure of anything, such as the systems in the office or vague instructions on tasks. You could start by asking your co-workers in your department as they will be more than willing to help you familiarise yourself with systems at work. This is important so that you are not stuck and will be able to progress with your own work.

Do not let fear grip you from reaching out. The bottom line is to always seek clarifications if you need help with a task. An outstanding intern is definitely one who sees their learning growth progress since their first day of internship. Do not lose the opportunity to be a star intern as your bosses might even offer you a full-time position at the end of your internship. Be a willing intern who takes initiative and thirsts for knowledge and experiences throughout the internship.