Presentation 101: How To Be A Pro Presenter

Hey gradsters! Looking for tips on being a pro presenter? Read on for some general tips on different presentation applications that may help you!

Presentation is now a crucial part of assignments and job processes in many fields especially in business and creative industries. There are many presentation applications that are available to realise ideas, strategies, plans in effective ways. Selecting the right presentation app and using the right tools will help save time in developing the slideshow. In line with this, Cuponation has prepared general tips for different applications. We believe a successful presentation happens when it reaches the audience positively through right tools and suitable narrative.


PowerPoint is included in Microsoft Office and adaptable for any operating systems including Mac with viewer options. This application is suitable for simple content presentations such as portfolios, teaching skills or group discussions that involve detailed information breakdown with a whole lot of charts and side notes. A presenter can go straight to the point with the least of multimedia tools needed. The application is also super convenient when inserting visual aids and excel data sheets to deliver an insightful message.


● Build your own ultimate quick access toolbar with frequently used functions in any order that you like, to fasten your preparation process! Time is of the essence. 
● Always create your graphics in a separate file. Then, insert it as a saved image to the main presentation file to avoid app processing a heavier file. 
● You can create custom slide sizes to create adjusted slide sizes for displays. Go to ‘Page Setup’ and type in the height and width of the background size that you would like. Then, click on ‘OK’ and another ‘OK’ on the dialogue box as well. Now, the background would be resized. Ta-dah!


The application has zoom functions which can keep the easily distracted audiences focused in its contents, especially the children. Also, this application is a good way to tell compelling creative stories and ideas as its web-based features allow multimedia contents from other websites to be embedded easily. This will be an advantage for creative subject presentation for telling a narrative story structure.


● Check the aspect ratio of your project according to your display screen to ensure a smooth presentation of motion-graphic and 3D contents, from small to bigger screens.
● Scale up the important content main titles, keywords, and subsections in line with presentation style with scaling and zoom functions to add emphasis on the subject. This function is best used to build up suspense by not revealing the rest of the contents in the entire frame.
● Maximise the use of bubble menu. The ‘Insert Shape’ is a very useful element that can be useful in many ways to work within Prezi. There are also other elements such as ‘linetool’ that can allow you to create a simple drawing as you wish at any part of the canvas. These visual aids can be reused for future presentations as well.

Google Slides

This free application is packaged with Google Drive. This hints the convenience for collaboration, access to multiple devices, offline functions, and easier web publishing. In a way, this is a similar version of PowerPoint with a touch of digital intelligence to go with inter-team collaborations.


● Generate links and embedded code for upload free share online. Get your presentation easily attached on websites without worrying about the file size and the hassle of downloading, converting the file. Simply click on the ‘Publish to the Web’ under the project’s ‘File’ button on the top toolbar. You can now find ‘Embed’ option to generate the codes. Also, choose to get just the link for an easy share or.
● Integrate with Google office applications to enable teammates easily include additional information from other document formats. Learn other related google slides advice from available articles.
● Present from any place and digital device wirelessly. Google has the advantage of telecasting your presentation through ‘ChromeCast’ for Android users and ‘Airplay’ for Apple users. These telecasting apps help one to even present without the presence of their working laptop or computers. As long as the television, mobile phone or tablet is connected to your presentation, the slides will always be ready to present.


Identifying the type of messages to be delivered and its audience maturity is always the first step before choosing the right application and tools of every presentation. Also, a good presentation coupled with polished visual aids is a bonus for the presenter at all times. Students shall always learn ways to improvise on their presentation style, tone, and narrative as new versions and updates are always enhanced with technology. There are many free learning options available online such as YouTube tutorials, webinars, and ebooks provided by experts and app makers. Spend time to master the skills! It will be worth it, you'll see!