Interview Day

Jacie Tan shares her list of things to bear in mind when going in for a job interview.
Jacie Tan Cheng Hwee, Writer

Hopefully, our articles are helping to get you to the top of your interview game. Clearly, there’s a lot you’ll need to be keeping track of, but here’s a checklist of essential things to remember on the day of the interview itself. 

Dress to impress

Plan your outfit in advance and have it ironed and ready before the day of your interview. There’s no use looking smart if you’re feeling awkward in your attire, so pick something you feel comfortable in. The better you feel about how you look, the better you’ll feel about yourself overall, and that’s when you’ll perform your best!

Have everything you need with you

Refer back to your interview invitation and make sure you’ve got everything your potential employer requested you bring with you. Even if they did not request you to bring anything, why not turn up with spare copies of your résumé and a passport photograph just in case? A notebook and pen are also must-have items.

Get there on time

If you’re driving, thinking about traffic conditions and hunting for parking is a given. Moreover, offices in big buildings may also involve visitor registrations and a battle for lifts. You should aim to present yourself at the office reception 15 minutes beforehand. Don’t turn up too early as well, as it may be seen as a sign of poor time management – if you are, find somewhere else nearby to wait.

Try a cheat sheet

So you’ve done your research and thought about your selling points. If you’re afraid you’ll forget some of your hard-begotten information, why not go in with a cheat sheet? It could contain keywords or prompts that may help jog your memory if you happen to freeze up. Just be sure to use it as an aid, not a crutch – you wouldn’t want to be reading off this page throughout your interview.

Don’t forget the little things

At interviews, the impression you give off can make or break you. Remember to be polite, friendly and respectful, and exercise your common courtesy at all times. Make an effort to deliver a good handshake, don’t sit down until you’re invited to and maintain eye contact. Try not to let the interview nerves create any incidents of clumsiness, and for goodness’ sake, make sure your phone is on silent!