Interview Insights For Introverts

Imagine this: You’re faced with a stranger (the recruiter) interviewing you for a job that you know nuts about. Gulps. Your thoughts are everywhere. “What am I supposed to do and what should I say?” “How will I survive this process?”. Relax! Here are some interview tips, especially for you.
Writer, GTI Media

Mind Your Manners  

Interviewers would evaluate you even before you start to speak. Are you dressed up for the interview? Is it neat and appropriate? Do you smile when people pass by? These are some of the things they look at from the moment you enter the company and sit down at the waiting area to be called for interview. 

That does not end there! During the interview, stay relaxed and composed. Mind your body language – make sure to not overwhelm the interviewer with your hand gestures and at the same time, avoid being too stiff. Make eye contact as you speak and avoid staring at the ground. 

Maintain a good body posture and smile. Smiling will not only give out a warm impression about yourself and a sense of confidence, but it also reduces the tension built up in you. Do not show them that you’re uneasy. Make yourself comfortable, breathe and just relax.  

Highlight Your Strengths 

Believe in yourself. No one is perfect and everyone has their own flaws, just like you. Don’t let that stop you from achieving what you desire. Speak clearly – tell the truth and be sure to deliver comprehensible answers. 

Assuming you followed the tips from the previous article, you would have made a fair research about the potential interview questions. Reveal your skills and abilities in your answers. Include your real experiences when necessary which would be beneficial to the firm and/or the position you applied for. 

This is your chance to sell yourself. Share your knowledge and experiences. Don’t see it as you are bragging, instead deliver your stories in a non-arrogant manner. Remember, the recruiters need to know your potential as well as find out what you have done and learned.  

Inquire For Clarification   

‘Do you have any question?’ It is a cue that the interview is coming to an end. This query is to see your interest and engagement with the recruiters. Never say no to this query. This is your opportunity to seek clarification about your doubts regarding the job or the company. 

Ask questions to demonstrate your prior research and interest in that position. It can be about the projects they’re involved in, company culture, or future plans for the organisation. 

Or they might ask if you have anything to say. Whether they ask or not, it’s best to thank them for taking the time to interview you and then briefly tell them your interest in that position and how you can contribute.  

Appreciative And Positive 

Always end the interview with a thank you! Smile and say thank you to your interviewers. No matter how you felt during the interview, its best to end it with a grateful heart. 

On top of that, send them an email, indicating that you had a good time during the interview and that you are looking forward to hearing from them soon. This will give out a good impression about you as a person, not just as a candidate. It also expresses that you are really interested and serious about this job. 

You might be thinking, “I should have done it better!” or “I should have said this instead of that”. Let’s be real, no matter how much better you think you should have prepared ahead, these thoughts will almost always run through your head. Just tell yourself that you did your best and believe that you will get the job. But if you didn’t, that does not mean you’re not good enough. There are many opportunities out there. Don’t give up and look for other chances.

Now, you know how to conquer the interview and get the job you want! Be mindful of your behaviours, reveal your strong points, clear your doubts, and be thankful and optimistic. All the best!