Video Game Developer

Level ups. Hidden treasures. Boss battles. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read on for more on how you can become a video game developer!

Did you know that Malaysia has a booming gaming industry?

According to statistics by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) the gaming industry contributed US$100mil to Malaysia’s revenue in 2018. It is expected to undergo an annual growth rate of 10.9% which will result in a market volume of US$168mil by 2023.

Here’s another fun fact: Malaysia ranks 21st worldwide in terms of games revenue with a total of US$633mil.

Now that’s a lot of money!


Degree in game design/development, computer science, software engineering, creative multimedia, mathematics or physics, animation, design, sound engineering performing arts, fine arts, communications etc.

Required Knowledge

Game engine software (Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, ARKit, GameMaker, Kivy, etc), gaming tools (GitHub, Bitbucket, Helix Core, Google Gaming, Amazon GameLift, Action!, etc), physics engine software (PhysX, Box2D, Bullet, BeamNG, Havok, PhysicsJS, etc), audio engine software (Wwise, FMOD, OpenAL, SoLoud, Allegro, AstoundSound, etc).

Roles And Responsibilities

Your roles and responsibilities will overlap and vary greatly, according to your skill sets, experience and employer. Due to the niche nature of the local gaming industry, you will most likely take part in various stages of the production process – from conceptualisation, scriptwriting, and storyboarding to design, audio engineering, and programming.

What It Takes

Top video games developers are highly creative and technically inclined, on top of being intensely passionate and knowledgeable about the gaming industry. Good communication, teamwork and problem solving skills are also a must, as are meticulousness, patience, flexibility, the ability to work under pressure, and a thirst for knowledge and self-improvement.

The learning curve is steep, requiring lots of on-the-job training. Thus while formal qualifications will give you a head start when entering the field, your experience, strong portfolio, and desire to learn will be the keys to a long and sustainable career.


Most game developers work at game development companies and software development firms as well as in creative agencies.