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Life on the Job

As cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, the role of cybersecurity leaders in protecting national infrastructure and data becomes ever more critical. Dive into an exclusive interview with Dato’ Ts. Dr Haji Amirudin Bin Abdul Wahab, CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia, as he shares his vision for the future, strategic initiatives, and advice for aspiring cybersecurity professionals.

Sector Areas of Work

Building solid and trustworthy online products and web presences for businesses.
Design and implement IT solutions to help businesses achieve more profitable outcomes.
Be exposed to working with a range of business-oriented technologies.
Help organisations make better decisions by collecting, analysing, and interpreting data.
Manage and build the data and information technology systems used by healthcare providers and hospitals.
Build, test, and deploy systems that change how humans use technology for process-based work.
Play a role in modernising and upgrading our country’s communications infrastructure.
Be part of the online transformation of selling and retailing consumer goods
Technology and data can be used to assist businesses in streamlining their manufacturing processes.
Build the underlying hardware needed to live up to more rigourous technical standards and speeds.
Work with talented individuals from a range of disciplines who share a common passion.
IT professionals are crucial to advancing the efficiency and security of financial services through technological innovations.
The global growth in the frequency of cyberattacks has resulted in an increase in demand for cybersecurity professionals.

Sector Applications

While there are many career options in the tech industry, here are guides to some of the most commonly available IT jobs for graduates.
Regardless which field of IT you decide to work in, knowing at least one of these popular programming languages is crucial!
Technical skills are essential in IT jobs, but soft skills will help you succeed in the workplace. Find out which ones are key.
Small and medium-sized employers can offer IT graduates myriad opportunities and ample room for growth.
Malaysia's technological landscape has changed due the pandemic, digitisation, and shifting consumer habits.

Sector Interviews and Assessments

Keeping a level head and showcasing your professionalism is key to succeeding at assessment centres with tech employers.
Knowing the unspoken rules of job interviews is key to securing a graduate job with tech companies.
Technical interviews are usually more detailed and precise than conventional interviews, and employers often look for certain technical skills in candidates.
When applying for jobs in tech, make sure your CV focuses on relevant details for the role at hand.
Use your cover letter or cover email to highlight relevant skills and experience to potential employers.

Sector Essentials

All degrees are accepted for graduate jobs in IT and technology. Here's how non-IT graduates can gain the skills they need for IT careers.
Graduate positions in IT and related fields can be found across a variety of industries, including major IT corporations, technology consulting firms, the public sector, and investment banks.
The IT industry is lucrative, yet competitive, and there is no better time to be in IT than now.