IJM Corporation Berhad

Life On The Job: General Manager (Production & Purchasing)

Choy Teik San, a general manager tells gradmalaysia.com readers what it's like to be in his shoes!
Choy Teik San
General Manager (Production & Purchasing) at IJM Corporation Berhad

What do you do in your current role?

I have been working for more than 22 years with Industrial Concrete Products Sdn Bhd (wholly owned by IJM) after graduating from University of Malaya in 1994. I joined the company as Technical Executive and was posted to various factories and departments to gain more exposure, as I assumed greater responsibility and progress in my career with the company.

I achieved a key milestone in my career when I was promoted to General Manager (Production & Purchasing) on 1 April 2014. With this, my responsibilities extended to taking charge of overall operations of all spun pile factories as well as the purchasing department, whilst being actively involved in human resource functions via recruitment and human capital development programmes.

I am a facilitator of cost and production optimisation, energy efficiency, machinery maintenance management systems and leadership programmes. I have conducted numerous trainings to all staff involved in the factory operations, especially in the implementation of the various programmes. This has enabled the staff to carry out the various tasks effectively and achieve the company’s overall success in productivity and cost savings.

What would you change about the Gen-Y talent today?

I feel that Gen-Ys are highly opinionated and very energetic. They seek attention and proper guidance from their superiors. I feel that they can improve further on their communication skills as they need to work with peers and colleagues who may be much experienced. From my point of view, they are willing to learn and adapt to changes.

What makes you a good leader?

My philosophy in life is to ‘think positive and stay positive with the right attitude’. To acquire these traits, I have attended many international entrepreneurial seminars and trainings. I feel that as a leader I have led many talented people to achieve common goals, and at the same time, earned their respect. The juniors expect a clear direction to achieve their short- and long-term goals. I hope I can lead them to the next level of achievements, as it is my commitment to give back to the company.

Who do you draw inspiration from?

Steve Jobs is my role model while my mentor is Lee Hock Aun, ex-general manager of the engineering/production department.

What is your personal mantra that keeps you going? 

My personal mantra is that positive solutions will come to us as long as we are passionate about what we do.