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Life On The Job: Java Associate Developer

Lim Kai Yuan shares with about his journey as a java associate developer!
Lim Kai Yuan
Java Associate Developer

My first year 

During my first year with arvato Systems as a fresh graduate, I had a lot to learn and pick up in terms of technical skills and programming-related knowledge, especially during my probation period. My colleagues are from various different countries as our company is multicultural and they were very friendly and helpful whenever I had inquiries. I personally think that the learning culture here is good, especially for a fresh graduate, because of colleagues who are very willing to teach and share their knowledge.

During my first six months in arvato Systems, my team members and I were sent to Gütersloh, Germany for a three-weeks training. We were able to work together with our team members in Germany and learn from them during the training. Of course, while we were there, we extended our stay and travelled around Europe. It was really interesting and a good opportunity to go to different countries within Europe because it was an eye-opening experience to see different cultures.

As I progressed in my first year from being a probation staff to a confirmed staff, I was exposed to different types of tasks and project phases. With those experiences, it not only made me a better software developer but it also improved my career as a whole.

My work

My role as a java developer not only requires me to just program stuff, but it also requires me to think of solutions for the problems that are faced by the clients. Most of the time, this job is not only about coding, but it is also about helping the clients to understand and solve their problems. Part of my job is to also communicate with clients about the task requirements so that the end results are aligned with their expected output.

Our work culture 

The company really promotes work-life balance as they really care about their employees. One of the perks of working here is that we get to work from home, once a week. The learning culture is also good whereby we have activities like the Brown Bag (knowledge sharing) sessions. We also have a mini library where the books are contributed by the company and also by the employees. The working hours here are also flexible as long as we manage our assigned tasks well by ourselves.

  • Attractive job tasks - 4
  • Being appreciated at work - 4
  • Friendly colleagues - 5
  • Good leadership style - 4
  • Good work-life balance- 5
  • Travel opportunities - 4
  • Positive personal development - 4

Three life lessons

  • Be ready with your soft skills as you will be expected to communicate frequently with our counterparts in Germany.
  • Always keep yourself up-to-date with the different technologies so that you can provide different alternatives or give a better estimation to clients.
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions if you have uncertainties. Be sure to have a clear understanding on the requirements.

The fun part 

The tasks that I usually get are challenging enough and are not routine based, so it requires me to think a lot. Being a person who likes to solve interesting problems and who was once an active chess player, I like solving problems that arises from these types of tasks, and it is what I like the most about my job.

My advice (to my younger self!)

  • Explore different types of programing technologies as much as possible especially its framework.
  • Take up more challenging tasks during my time as a freelance web developer during my university days.
  • Be more humble. Learn to say, ‘I do not know but I am willing to learn’.