Life On The Job: Process Specialist

Khairil Bin Mustafa, a process specialist tells readers what it's like to be in his shoes!
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Khairil Bin Mustafa
Process Specialist
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What did you study in university? 

I took accounting and information system due to my interest in accounting and IT. My education in both sectors has helped me in different ways as a project manager and process specialist. At the bank, my job requires me to manage financials and system implementation.

What was your background like?

RHB is my first job after I joined through the Management Associate program (MAP) in 2009. The program is beneficial as it exposed us to the banking industry through classroom training and attachments in different parts of the bank (eg retail branch, business banking and corporate). Later, I worked in the Transformation Management Office as Assistant Project Manager, and focused on managing strategic transformation initiatives. After that, I joined the RHB Bank Managing Director’s Office as an executive assistant to the managing directors of the bank and assisted them in various matters and run projects under their purview.

Tell us a little about your company and job.

I am currently working as Process Specialist. My day-to-day responsibility involves implementing process improvement initiatives that would benefit the bank and its customer. As a project manager, I have to make sure that the project is being delivered on time after taking into account the time, cost and people involved. My current role involves a lot of stakeholder management, data analysis, project management and research.

What are the best and worst bits? 

The best part about my job is the need to be dynamic. Whenever a project is completed, I will be assigned to another different project that is totally different from what I have learnt and seen. This gives me the opportunity to learn the mechanism of a bank. The worst part is the stakeholder engagement process as different stakeholder needs to be managed differently and the mismanagement of stakeholder may affect the outcome of the project.

Name your most memorable achievement at work. 

My most memorable achievement is to receive the Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

How did you get the job?

I joined RHB MAP in 2009 after going through a vigorous interview process with outsourcing agency, HR and senior management of the Group. The group discussion also requires me to have critical thinking and high confidence level.

Be prepared for... 

Steep learning curve, long hours and tight deadline. The expectation on a management associate is always high. You need be a fast learner as you are always being challenged.

What's your advice for graduates?

Attitude and characteristic is priority. Qualification will just be a key to enter the workforce. However, with the right attitude and eagerness to learn, nothing can stop you from striving for the best.