Life On The Job: Senior Consultant

Rains Gooi shares with what it's like to be a senior IT consultant!
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What Did You Do At University?

Because I was so into computing at the time, I started my college life by enrolling in a computing degree course at APIIT (also known as APU). I was particularly interested in learning about operating systems.

Why Did You Choose A Career In Your Field? 

Creating a computer system might not seem hard to someone who has studied computing at university. But creating a computer system that will bring millions of dollars in value to an organisation? This is exactly what made me choose a career in this field!

What Do You Do In Your Job?

I am responsible for developing training plans and also conducting the training needed to bring our people to the next level. At the same time I am also responsible for ensuring that projects are on the right track by coaching senior colleagues across multiple project teams.

What Do You Like Most About Your Job?

In the past I have been involved in all sorts of activities within Quintiq, from pre-sales to project implementation, from trainee to trainer. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the challenges I face every day – in fact, the challenges get tougher!

Some Advice

It’s so important to love and be passionate about what you are doing. Don’t just see work as a way to earn a living. That’s not enough to get you out of bed on a Monday morning.