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Sector Areas of Work

Help advertisers secure air time or advertising space in online and offline media platforms
Be vital link between clients and the internal staff at advertising agencies.
Turn campaign ideas into tangible strategies that result in effective advertising.
Advertise brands by posting promotional content and connecting with your customer base on social media platforms.
Gather and analyse information from multiple sources to understand and forecast customer behaviours and market movements.
Promote a company’s products and services using online media and data-driven strategies

Sector Essentials

There are various marketing roles that a graduate can do, not just in physical marketing, but in digital and social media marketing as well.
Marketing, advertising and PR have different functions, but share common goals. Understanding this is crucial if you plan on working in this sector!
Graduate programmes with dedicated marketing, PR, and advertising firms might be uncommon, but that does not mean that there are no jobs available. Quite the opposite, in fact!
Public relations is a key part of how companies maintain their public brand presence. Here’s how you can get started in this line of work.
Advertising is a fast-paced and exciting industry where confidence and tenacity is just as important as creativity.