Media 101: Lessons On Surviving In Media

You are on your way to become a communication graduate but you have no idea what to expect from the industry? Read on for some takeaway lessons as Joanna Mary shines some light on standing out in the highly competitive media market by having a quick chat with Media Prima.
Joanna Mary

You are on your way to become a communication graduate but you have no idea what to expect from the industry? Read on for some takeaway lessons as Joanna Mary shines some light on standing out in the highly competitive media market by having a quick chat with Media Prima.

Lessons on the industry

Q: In your opinion, do you think the media industry is over-saturated?

Media Prima: The media industry is moving towards convergence of new platforms and innovating the way in which content is being disseminated to the audience. At present, you can see the changes in how people receive and transmit information, compared to even 10 years ago, and businesses are quick to adapt through delivery of creative content on multiple platforms.

The media industry is far from stagnant, instead, the environment is changing rapidly. Media companies who are onboard with these changes need skilled individuals who can bring something revolutionary and exciting to the table. In this new direction, ample opportunities are created for individuals who have the talent and ideas to transform the market, therefore, we are of the opinion that the media industry is not over-saturated.

Understand: What is the media?

If you understand the media industry, you will know that your job options are not only limited to print and broadcast media. You can explore other sectors including gaming, music, the performing arts and social media (if you don’t know this, you should probably spend some time reading on the industry!). Media, in general, refers to the different communication channels used to disseminate news, entertainment, data and promotional messages, amongst others.

It takes a huge network of people to run the ‘media’ business – consumers want to be informed, stay connected and be entertained, and as such, media companies must cater to the growing demand through innovation. How do media companies achieve that? By hiring new talents who are creative, able to think out-of the-box, and can bring added value to their organisation.

Learn: How is the industry’s growth rate?

The general public perceives the industry as one that fluctuates, and many people (parents, politicians, academicians) do not place much emphasis on the
media industry (compared to others such as engineering, banking and finance, or oil and gas). It is unfortunate but ‘media’ is often seen as ‘not as important’ of a contributor to the growth of the nation or to an individual’s career progression.

However, in reality, the stats and figures show that media is one of the major contributes to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) figures, and it is a business sector that is growing rapidly with thousands of jobs created in the process.

Apply: Everything is going digital?

PwC reported in the Malaysia Entertainment and Media Outlook 2013 that the growth of the entertainment and media industry in the country will be focused on digital platforms in the coming years, with revenues increasing at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.5%. It is the digital age! Everything is moving online; businesses, entertainment, even stock trading, and so is the media industry to keep up with changing consumer habits. So, how does this affect you as a graduate?

You need to have an online presence. It is time for you to change the way you use social media and the Internet. Instead of using media for leisure, use it to build your network of contacts as being connected in the working world is more valuable than a high starting salary! Build and maintain an active online presence to show that you are a proactive and forward-thinking candidate. In fact, if you cannot stop checking up on your various online profiles, why not make a living out of it? Which bring us to the next, and final, lesson.

Outsource: New direction means new prospects?

Now that businesses are going online, it opens up a plethora of career opportunities for those looking to make a living off the Internet. Companies that are taking their businesses to digital platforms need an army of experts to tell them how to make their online transition and investment worth the time and money spent. This then creates a demand for professionals specialising in the digital market.

Some of the new areas of specialisation that you can explore include working as a pay per click specialist, social media executive, keywords specialist, Google analytics expert, etc. Choose a course that gives you exposure to digital business, and this can be an added skill to be displayed on your CV that will make you an attractive candidate. In the end, it boils down to how persistent you are in your job search.

Lessons on getting hired

Q: What can students do to stand out from others?

Media Prima: To stand out from others, students need to be prepared to go the extra mile to achieve their goals. The bottom line that recruiters look for is the value proposition that the candidate can bring to the job, company or the organisation that they want to serve. A unique life and work experience will make you stand out from the others.

Checklists for candidates

  • Never stop learning
  • Being proactive gets you places
  • Stand for something
  • Confidence is the way of life
  • Think out-of-the-box