Planning Your Job Search

Heard about the importance of connecting with your target employers before applying for a job, but is still lost at doing so? We might have a few pointers for you to practice before sending out that cover letter, so put on your best smile and let’s take the first step!
Employer research is vital to a graduate’s job hunting success. Don’t even think about starting on an application form, CV or walk into an interview without doing it. Read on for the ultimate guide to research your favourite employers.
Before you embark upon that job-seeking quest of yours, Shiffa Aziz has some tips to offer on the strategies in finding the right job just for you!
Make sure you don't have these 3 identity problems before beginning your job search!
If you have not yet identified what makes you tick, it’s time to figure that part out before you start looking for your first job.
News of an oncoming recession got you down about your job prospects? Take it as a chance to get your head in the game and get ahead once you graduate.
Making a good career match means thinking about the people, the place, the position and, most importantly, YOU.
It’s a ‘chicken-or-egg’ situation, isn’t it? How can you find a job you might find interesting when the only way to do so is to be in a job?
There’s much you should do before you even apply for an internship, management trainee programme or graduate job.
Everyone loves an action plan, right?