COVID-19: Your Guide To Job Hunting

COVID-19 and its after-effects aren’t going to ease just because you’ve graduated or are graduating. How can you job hunt now at this time of social distancing?

COVID-19 has hit the job economy hard. Really hard. Companies are beginning to get creative in order to stay afloat, and the hiring landscape is beginning to resemble a desolate wasteland.

If this looks like something out of your worst (hiring) nightmare, you’re not alone. No one could have predicted what was going to happen. As a matter of fact, before COVID-19 swept everything away, a survey done in 2019 forecast 2020 as “upbeat”.

But we are where we are right now. In a seemingly hopeless situation with no end. But there is still light at the end of this tunnel finding-a-job-wise, though the going will definitely be tough.

Remember: Tough times don’t last. Tough grads do.

 Don’t stop applyin’

Even if you don’t hear back from firms you’ve applied to, keep your momentum going and continue to send in applications. These companies may be dealing with some questions that may affect you if they bring you on, such as online training and working remotely.

Set a daily goal and reward yourself whenever you reach it, whether with your favourite coffee in your favourite mug, or sitting down to play the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

 Be patient

Interview processes are long and tedious enough as they are, but add in social distancing and you have a whole different ball game. Keep in mind that most company hiring processes are not designed to be remote and there are new logistics to be addressed.

 Polish your resume and cover letter

This is something we’ve all heard before. Make your resume and cover letter look professional. Tailor them to every employer you apply to.

Matching your skills to job descriptions in order to impress recruiters is especially crucial right now though, so make sure you follow the advice you got and send the best version of your resume to the employer you are applying to.

Prepare for video interviews

There’s no better time to get familiar with video interviews, what with social distancing. Practise by dressing like you’re going for a face-to-face interview to get yourself in the mindset, and keep your tone cheery to get your enthusiasm across.

 Get creative

Take stock of all your skills and then look for opportunities wherever they may be, even outside your industry of choice. While this may not be ideal for you, when the job market has recovered and you can move into your preferred sector, employers will be impressed by your experience, resilience, and ability to leverage on your top skills in a different environment.

Don’t disregard graduate internship opportunities either; work hard and see if you can approach your manager to convert you to a full-time employee when things begin to look up again.

If you have a hobby you can turn into a short-term business, you can turn to that too. Like to paint little pebbles? Sell them online. Have a good grasp of English? Tutor children online or create online English papers.

Last but not least, trust that this pandemic will not go on forever. There is light at the end of the tunnel; we just have to find it.