Finding The Right Job Is Not A Numbers Game

If you have not yet identified what makes you tick, it’s time to figure that part out before you start looking for your first job.
Jaideep Patel

Finding a decent job is hard. Plus, it takes a lot of time and effort. The Malaysia Graduate Barometer revealed that Malaysian graduates were willing to wait 4 months and submit at least 13 applications before expecting to get hired.

But the reality can be harsher.

The number of Malaysian graduates who expect to remain jobless for 6 months or more after they leave university is increasing. Factor in a rather bleak economic outlook, and jobseekers have even more to worry about. However, there is good news for those of you who have yet to find a job, and it has something to do with being a little bit more personal with the job search.

Trick #1: Look for recruiters, not jobs

Recruiters will tell you that the hiring process is not necessarily a numbers game. If you approach it like it how you would a spreadsheet, then all you will get is disappointments. You need to treat a job search as you would a date: you need to put in the effort to get to know recruiters before you can start shortlisting your options. And where can you find these elusive beings? Well, one great place to start would be a careers fair. Mega Careers & Study Fair is an excellent event for both job seekers and prospective postgraduate students.

Trick #2: Network, network, network

Jobs don’t grow on trees. You need to put in the effort (you will see this word appearing many times in this article!) and get to know recruiters better. LinkedIn is an excellent platform for networking with recruiters across a multitude of industry sectors. Expand your network by connecting with recruiters. Get to know them, and the companies they work for. By now, you should already know the companies you want to work for. If you don’t, the Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers is a good place to start.

Trick #3: Don’t forget personal branding

Remember, when you are actively seeking a job opportunity, you are technically selling yourself to recruiters. If nothing about you strikes them as interesting or useful, they will discard your CV. In most cases, second chances don’t exist, so you need to be very consistent with the way you carry yourself online. The Career Advice section on is chock full of useful articles to help you showcase yourself in the most professional way.

Trick #4: Use social media to your advantage

Many employers utilise social media for recruitment purposes. In fact, many companies have their own recruitment pages and accounts, especially on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Some are even on Twitter. Follow your favourite companies. Get to know their recruitment habits. This is your ‘groundwork’ – something you need to do before even applying for a job.