How To Get A Job Even If Your CGPA Is Below Average!

Don't worry if your CGPA is below average! Here are some suggestions for you on what you can do to get hired.
Writer, GTI Media

Be strategic in your job search 

A good CGPA is certainly required to obtain a position in some fields such as law, engineering, finance and computer science. Fortunately, there are many jobs that are flexible with CGPA scores. Find an occupation which you are qualified in, and apply for entry-level careers where CGPA doesn’t matter so much. 

One option for you would be to find for companies that rely on soft skills such as communication and good personality. This should be your target. A job in the sales department is a good example as it does not require you to have a great CGPA in order for you to shine. All you need is good communication skills. Same goes for jobs in insurance, real estate, customer care and call centre management. 

Look out for the job requirements and before you apply, ask yourself, ‘do I have what it takes to be hired in this company?' Remember it is not always about the grades in all organisations. Don’t give up! Keep searching until you find the one. 

Look for internships 

Are you struggling to get a job? You may consider doing internships while waiting to get a full-time job. One good thing about the internship is that in most firms, you get to negotiate what you want to learn and do throughout your internship. It is a great chance for you to build and improve the skills you want to excel. 

Maximise your time during your internship and learn as much as possible. This way, you will have a real working life experience that you can write on your résumé. Employers will know that you at least take the effort to join as an intern while waiting for a full-time job. 

It is always better to build up your skills and learn more, rather than getting paid for something you dislike doing. You do not need a full-time job to achieve that. Thus, leverage on what you can. 

Highlight other activities

It’s okay if your CGPA is below average; make sure to highlight other aspects in your résumé to convince the employers to hire you. List out the activities that you joined and the experiences that you have. Impress them with the skills and strengths that you’ve gained. Highlight all the extracurricular activities that you took part in. Don’t forget to include your internships and part-time jobs. 

Why is this important? It shows the employers that you make use of your free time to join clubs and/or activities that you are interested in. Were you the Vice President of a club at your university? Include them in your résumé too as it reflects your commitment, teamwork, responsibility and other skills. 

It is one of the most important aspects that you should work on especially if your CGPA is below average. Pour it all out, but remember to only keep the ones that are relevant to the job that you’re applying for. 

Build your own brand

Make yourself stand out! How do you do that? As an addition to a strong CV and a professional LinkedIn account, you can also have your own website. Your personal website will work as your portfolio where you can showcase everything you do. 

If you’re a marketing student and did a case study for special need kids, showcase that. Are you an engineering student who loves to write? Share your writing on your website. Do you aspire to be a graphic designer? Use your website to show the world materials you’ve designed. 

Document these and leverage on this during your job application and interviews. 

With these tips, I’m sure you’ll know how to mitigate your problem and does not make your CGPA to be a reason for you to stay unemployed. All you need to do now is work on these four tips. All the best!