Life Hacks: Finding Hidden Jobs

In the current economic climate an increasing number of jobs are never actually advertised, so it is vital to be proactive in your job search! Here are some of the most effective ways of finding those hidden jobs.
Isaac Hee
Publisher, gradsingapore


  • Many graduates find opportunities through contacts they have made themselves, or people they have met through their daily activities.
  • Developing an industry network list is also an important factor which can be done by talking to people working in your chosen career area. They will be able to advise you on the best ways to get into the profession.

Speculative Applications

  • A speculative application involves writing to or contacting prospective employers to inquire about job openings, even if they don't seem to be advertising any.
  • You will need to identify companies you are interested in, research their business thoroughly and make direct contact with them. By making contact before you send in your letter and CV, you can tailor them to the employer’s needs. 

 Work Experience

  • As well as improving your CV, work experience placements can turn into graduate job offers.
  • This is a particularly good strategy for areas of work such as media, the arts and the not-for-profit sector that don’t usually advertise graduate jobs.

Other Strategies 

  • Find a mentor
    Develop a relationship with someone who can give you advice and support on your job search.
  • Voluntary work
    This can help your chances of breaking into your chosen career. For example, graduates wanting to work in the pet-care industry can start by volunteering at the local SPCA or other animal welfare associations.
  • A 'foot in the door'
    Taking a temporary job in the sector that interests you. For example, a media graduate who starts as an administrative assistant at a radio station.
  • Join professional bodies and organisations
    Attending appropriate events will help you meet people in your chosen field.
  • Meet alumni
    Alumni working in sectors you want to join will be able to give you advice and point you towards more help and support.
  • Use social networks
    Find out who you should write to in the companies you're interested in. LinkedIn ( is the best for promoting a professional image.
  • Word of mouth
    The oldest method in the book! Tell everyone that you're looking for work – the more people that are looking on your behalf, the better.