The Caveman's Guide To Job Hunting

It’s a jungle of jobs out there! Jaideep Patel shows us how to navigate through the thick and thin via these simple steps.
Jaideep Patel

Keywords are your friends

In most cases, your job application – including your résumé – will be first screened by some type of applicant tracking system (commonly shortened to ATS within the HR industry). So, how do you make sure your application doesn’t fall through the cracks?

The answer is deceptively simple: reuse the words and phrases that are in the job description. You can make a list of words and/or phrases found in the job description, and attempt to use as many of those in your résumé, especially in your career objectives section.

Don’t limit your hunt to the cyberworld

Yes, the struggle is real, and sometimes you need to take the battle offline. If you are coming up against a wall in your job search, try other avenues. Career fairs like the Mega Careers & Study Fair @ KLCC are great platforms for quality interaction with real-life recruiters.

You don’t have to land a job there and then, though. Introduce yourself to recruiters and get their name cards at the fair, and then follow up with them at your convenience. But don’t take too long – try to drop them an email before they forget they ever met you.

Treat your LinkedIn profile like a document

This tip is particularly useful for job candidates who are looking to enter a new industry sector. Start off by taking a good look at your LinkedIn profile and ask yourself these questions:

  • When was the last time I updated it?
  • Do I need to take a new or better photo for it?
  • Is it easy for recruiters to find what they want to see on it?
  • Is it relevant to the industry I want to enter?

Many jobseekers – fresh and experienced – make the mistake of seeing their LinkedIn profile as a static page, when it is a dynamic document that allows for easy and quick editing. The best thing to do: look at the LinkedIn profiles of successful people. There are plenty of neat tricks to be learnt by just observing how others maintain their profiles.

If you don’t have a profile on LinkedIn, it’s time to create one!