While Job Searching...

Most people would tell you of what you should do while job-hunting. This article, however, would not. Join Benny Razali to know some of the things that you must not do while job-hunting.
Benny Razali
Writer, gradmalaysia.com

University or college is now a thing of the past. You have done the best you could, and your certificate is now your best bet. Here comes the next challenge: the job-searching. Buckle up, this is going to be quite a ride.

Please, DO NOT… 

Make a mistake in your résumé.

Check your spelling! Silly mistakes will put off recruiters. They are faced with hundreds of résumés each day; and while we all want our applications to stand out from the rest, we want the standing-out to be in a positive way

Be reckless with your online activities

It’s 2019, people! Your data isn’t exclusively yours anymore. Employers will be checking your social media platforms once you’ve been shortlisted; to see if you’re a good lamb or a wolf in sheep’s wool. Control what you are posting – be sure to delete anything that is not going to put you in a positive light. Better yet, deactivate them during your job-searching period! 

Let them know you are desperate

Everybody’s got bills to pay; especially for fresh grads with PTPTN chasing after you to settle your student loans. Obviously, landing a proper job with a constant flow of income would help a whole lot! But surely that isn’t the sole intention of you getting a job, is it? Accepting a hellish job simply because of money sounds very much like a complete recipe for disaster, unless you’re up to the most extreme challenges (or just an emotional masochist). Employers want an employee, not a yes man. Make sure you don’t mess up their expectations. 

Be inconsistent

Always check the details you include into your résumé so that your story is consistent. If you have previous experiences, make sure you get the timeline right. Try to list out all your previous responsibilities, and make a list of the skills you’ve gained. This helps to paint a clearer picture of your work ethics for your future employers to see. 

Just rely on online applications

You can send hundreds upon hundreds of applications online to every job portal available but chances are, only ten would come back to your inbox. Especially when your experience in extracurricular activities is just a lukewarm list of forgotten memories. It’s time to be proactive! Figure out other alternatives for job hunts other than the WWW. Don’t be a lazy bum – get out of the house! Pursue and go after the companies you’re aiming for! It is never too much to ask for a visit to the company or a simple informative interview with the HR so you would know what to expect while hunting. 

But do remember,

Keep an open mind and keep trying! 

Let’s face it; this is a very grave era for job-seekers, especially young graduates. We now live in a time where thousands of qualified applicants are eyeing for the same job all thanks to the free access to information on the webbies. You may score the job of your dreams; but what if you don’t? Take other job opportunities into consideration. I’m talking about the job that doesn’t really fit into the ‘hit list’ that you have. The job that might only use 10% of the knowledge you’ve gained from student years – the ones that are advertised on job portals with the caption ‘all disciplines are welcomed’.

Every job comes with an opportunity of learning. Doing something that is not what you expected to do is a gateway to some new knowledge to be dug. Sure, your passion lies in Sales or Marketing, for instance, but nobody ever loses if you also have additional skills in other fields. If your passion is strong enough to pursue the career you really love, it will come to you when you’re ready, one way or another. The magic keyword to hold on to here is: Try