IT with a Twist: BDO’s Technology Advisory Services

While BDO offers many job opportunities to budding young auditors in Malaysia, its Technology Advisory Services (TAS) department opens up new prospects for IT and non-IT graduates alike. BDO shares with gradmalaysia how interested candidates can grow their careers in this new profession!
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In the ever-changing business environment and related digital transformation, organisations struggle to understand information technology (IT) risks and are unable to keep up with the required changes pertaining to compliance and risk management issues. Fortunately, the professionals working in TAS at BDO possess industry-proven experience and knowledge, which are utilised to help organisations use IT effectively in achieving their business objectives whilst ensuring appropriate controls are in place and industry practice security measures are taken for all information systems in use. These professionals are none other than the Information System (IS) auditors.

Keeping up with digital transformation

So, what is the role of an IS auditor?  IS auditors review, analyse and evaluate a company’s IT infrastructure to improve internal processes and performances. They identify any potential IT issues, such as security and risk management that fall under information security management systems auditing and relay this information to the company.

IS auditors assess the effectiveness of IT systems by collecting and examining data from the company’s database, information management systems and software applications for completeness and accuracy in relation to revenue recognition and generation of financial statement. IS auditors also undertake independent assessments for clients to ensure security and compliance for relevant regulators and industry standards like Risk Management in Technology (RMIT), Internet Insurance Guidelines, Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001) and other similar requirements.  

As the emergence of technology and digital transformation is on the rise, so is the need for IS auditors. With their highly sought-after expertise, they are integral in ensuring a company’s ecosystem is in-line with all digital implementations and enhancements, especially since many businesses rely on IT systems.

BDO’s TAS has been a key consultant in conducting Risk Management in Technology (RMIT) and Internet Insurance Guideline assessments for Bank Negara Malaysia for all their online (portal) and mobility-based customer solutions. In 2019, TAS has performed similar engagements for four major insurance firms in Malaysia.  

Dominic Emanuel, Assistant Manager in TAS, believes that there are benefits to be reaped whilst carrying out these services:

“As we engage with clients from various industries, we are faced with many opportunities and challenges which broadens our knowledge in the technology field. Additionally, through our engagements, we also gain knowledge in the various industries that they operate in.”  

Embracing new challenges

A career in IS audit is anything but stagnant as new challenges present themselves in the form of fieldwork in the areas of IT/IS audit and assurance. When asked about the most appealing part of her job, Niranjana Sunathan had much to say.

“Being an IS auditor is challenging as each engagement we work on requires a wide range of specialised outcomes for different clients,” said the TAS Executive. “However, this is what makes the job rewarding. The challenges that come with each engagement provide us with an avenue to constantly find new ways to tackle the problem at hand which is indirectly preparing us to be capable in managing challenging roles.”

“Plus, there is always something new to learn every day as technology evolves and this encourages IS auditors to grow by keeping abreast with the latest trends in technology,” she added, thoughtfully.

Aside from Malaysia’s landscape, TAS at BDO also extends its services to its international clients. BDO in Malaysia is the second office from the BDO network firms after BDO LLP in USA to be certified as an International Licensed WebTrust Practitioner since 2013.

As Subject Matter Experts (SME) for WebTrust audits, assessments, and consulting, this has led to BDO’s clients in Thailand awarding TAS with long term audit contracts and even recommending TAS to other Global Certificate Authorities in India, Sri Lanka and Ghana. These engagements provide exciting opportunities for IS auditors to be exposed to different communities, cultures and assignments on an international level.

Opportunities for all

IS auditors who work in TAS at BDO should possess qualities that allow them to perform their tasks efficiently and diligently. They must communicate effectively, work well within a team, yearn to travel abroad, and be passionate about IT.

The Executive Director of TAS, Vasantha Kumaran, urges talents from both IT and non-IT backgrounds to apply as long as they have a keen interest in IT and Emerging Technologies. 

“Prospective employees will undergo classroom and on-the-job training with their colleagues and related subject matter experts. Their careers will also be enhanced with professional certification, thus meeting the industry requirements.” 

As BDO in Malaysia moves forward with emerging technologies that are currently disrupting the conventional ways of businesses and people’s lifestyles, a dynamic working environment is formed, providing fresh opportunities for interested applicants. The team is always on the lookout for aspiring individuals who will add value to BDO, so if you think you have what it takes, what are you waiting for?

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