Jeremy Toh Jian Jun

Internally Assessed Programme for ACCA

Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC), 2012

My background
I worked as a part-time tuition teacher for primary and secondary students to support my studies. It wasn’t until recently that I had the chance to experience life as a tax agent when I interned at Deloitte. Though the workload was heavy and deadlines were tight, I had fun there as I got to help companies across industries in calculating and minimising their tax exposure.

Choosing a qualification
I chose to study accountancy after completing my SPM as it is one of the subjects that I was interested in. At that time, my aim was to become an auditor in one of the Big 4 professional accounting firms. It was only later in my diploma programme that I decided that tax was my true calling.

I took up ACCA because having a qualification that is recognised worldwide gives me the flexibility to work anywhere and that really appeals to me as I would love to travel around the globe. Not to mention, the ACCA recognition would certainly open doors of work opportunities for me.

TAR UC was a natural choice for me because of the college’s ACCA Approved Learning Partner – Platinum status, as well as its affordability and holistic learning approach.

Mode of study
As a full-time student, I get to experience college life at its best. At TAR UC, we have the Financial Accounting Society that organises the ACCA-TAR UC Student Conference. This annual event provides a platform for industry practitioners to share their experiences and advise students. It gives us a better head start in preparing for our career.

My course
The Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting) programme offered at TAR UC is unique in that I get my ACCA qualifications in addition to my advanced diploma. In fact, TAR UC is the only institution outside of the UK and Ireland to run this internally assessed ACCA programme.

On top of the ACCA core papers, my course also includes subjects like Professional Development, Entrepreneurship and Organisational Management. We are also trained in soft skills and presentation, which are the essential skills to have, giving us an edge over other graduates.

Looking ahead
Upon completion, I will most probably go for the six-month Master’s programme in University of Manchester, UK. I’ll return to Kuala Lumpur when I graduate, where I plan to start my career as a tax planner.

My advice
Have ambitious dreams and chase after them. If you believe that accountancy is what you love, then ACCA is the best option. Give it your all and the ACCA qualification will take you far.