Michelle Chai Mei Wei

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Certified Accounting Technician (CAT), UK, 2011, Sunway College Kuching

My background
I took up the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) qualification after graduating from secondary school. I did quite well in my papers; I managed to score 91% for my Paper T9 (Preparing Taxation Computations) and was declared the Malaysian Prize Winner and World Ranking No 4 in the June 2011 examination. Since then,taxation has always been my favourite paper!

After completing my CAT, I decided to pursue the ACCA qualification. For a brief time, I worked at KPMG while attempting my ACCA papers P2 (Corporate Reporting) and P3 (Business Analysis) but I have since stopped to concentrate on my studies.

Choosing a qualification
I chose to study ACCA because it is well recognised around the world. I also decided to continue my studies in the college where I studied my CAT qualification. The most important criteria for me were the quality of lecturers at Sunway College Kuching and its Platinum status as an ACCA Approved Learning Partner.

Mode of study
I was previously a full-time student but have decided to attempt my final ACCA Professional paper without tuition help. By studying on my own, I have to be disciplined; it is challenging as there is no one to guide me. But by self-studying, I also have more time, which allows me to seek part-time jobs to gain work experience.

My course
The ACCA qualification provides in-depth knowledge in accounting and business, and students are tested in their ability to know and apply the facts in various real case scenarios. The professional level papers are assessed at a high level, including appropriateness of language and formatting. This type of training will be useful for my career.

Life after the course
Studying the ACCA qualification has improved my analytical skills as well as made me efficient in managing my finances. After completing my studies, I aim to get a job and possibly take up the MBA later. I also aspire to one day own and operate an online store!

My advice
Just do it!