Ooi Peng Peng

Assistant Manager, Human Resource – Education Department

What did you do at university?
I chose foreign languages (Mandarin and Japanese) as major subjects and business management as my minor when I was in university. The Japanese language that I learned helps me understand the Japanese company culture, and the student exchange experience in university prepared me with the ability to adapt to the diversity of the workplace in a multinational company.

Why did you choose a career in your field?
Before I joined AEON as a management trainee, I was teaching in a nursery school in Penang. I love sharing my knowledge with others and I enjoy being with kids. Besides teaching, I was assigned to set up new programmes for the school. After being in the nursery school for half a year, I realised that I needed to take on a new challenge to boost my self-esteem. The Japan Training Program provided by AEON enticed me to set up my new career with this multinational company, and I believe that AEON will provide me with a lot of opportunities to grow.

What do you do in your job?
As Assistant Manager of Career Development, I focus on talent development at the senior management level. My responsibilities include establishing training courses for managers, setting up educational seminars and coordinating MBA programmes.

What do you like most about your job?
There are limitless opportunities for you to grow as AEON is shifting its gears aggressively to expand its business in ASEAN. After completing the Japan Training Program in Tokyo, I was appointed to the store management position. As a leader of the division, I had to oversee everything that makes a store operation run smoothly, from behind-the-scene functions such as ordering, inventory control, and staff training; to sales floor management such as sales and profit, event planning and customer service.

What skills do you consider to be essential for your job?
In order to be successful in retailing, a result-oriented mindset and good communication skills are needed. At AEON, we work as a team to provide our best service

What are your future plans?
After working for few years, I realised that I need the backup of strong management knowledge and skills to move up to a higher position. I am going to pursue my MBA in Tokyo this year, under the sponsorship of AEON.

Some advice
Be prepared to learn every aspect of retail while you are at the entry level. Experience and strong management knowledge will lead you to a higher position. Retailing is a dynamic industry and as a retailer, you should always accept challenges with passion.