ANDORRA Women & Children Hospital

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

ANDORRA WOMEN & CHILDREN HOSPITAL is the brainchild of Dr Khamsiah Muda, a doctor who specializes in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. The hospital is founded from the commitment and passion that a focus on women healthcare brings about the well being of our future generations.
Dr Khamsiah and a group of women from various fields of specializations came together to form a company called BWFW Medic Sdn Bhd. BWFW stands for, "By Women For Women", for only women may understand and desire an establishment to exclusively service their healthcare needs, customized to a women's physical, emotional and psychological uniqueness.

Our Vision
A Leading Women and Children Holistic Healthcare Centre Designed By Women For Women With Love, Comfort, and Care As Our Core Pillar of Hospitality Principle.