Antah Schindler Sdn Bhd

Construction and Building Services Engineering and Manufacturing

Antah Schindler Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between Syarikat Pesaka Antah Sdn Bhd and Jardine Schindler. Today, the wholly owned subsidiary of that partnership is the authorized distributor and service provider for Schindler elevators and escalators for the whole of Malaysia.

The company has been involved in the supply, installation, modernization, maintenance and repair of Schindler lifts and escalators found in many buildings for both the public and private sectors. Schindler's innovative mobility solutions are currently operating in hospitals, airports, government buildings, offices, condominiums, shopping malls, factories, and in many other buildings throughout Malaysia. Antah Schindler continues to provide the highest standard of maintenance service and the ever reliable 24-hour support to ensure peace of mind for users of the thousands of elevators and escalators throughout Malaysia.