Gregory Yap

Associate Developer

My first year
This is my first job, as I had no prior working experience. As a result, there was a lot to learn during my probationary period, which lasted six months. Fortunately, I had many helpful colleagues who assisted me with the on-boarding process and they made sure that I was included in every aspect of the team since the beginning.

Some parts of the job matched my initial expectations. The tools and skills for developing software were familiar to me while other things were completely new, such as the SCRUM process for managing software development. As I was involved in every part of the team since the beginning, the transition to becoming a permanent employee was smooth. Overall, the first year on the job was an engaging learning experience.

My work
The general scope of my job is software development. Currently, we are writing software in collaboration with some counterparts in Germany to create a video management system. This system is designed to manage large catalogues of videos used by television broadcasting companies.

My day-to-day responsibilities include developing and delivering features that will become part of the next generation of video management system. I spend most of my time doing C# programming and building web pages. Microsoft technologies are usually used to build web services and data processing systems. This involves for web hosting and SQL server for databases. We are also experimenting with new technologies to improve the system. Other than programming, I spend a lot of time in discussions with my team members regarding task planning. Good communication and coordination within the team is equally as important as a good code of conduct.

Our work culture
Flexibility and openness to communication describes almost every part of the experience of working at arvato. You are given a lot of freedom to make your own decisions and this is especially true when it comes to software development. There are many opportunities to bring up new programing ideas and develop new codes. This openness works effectively when everyone actively contributes to the whole system; this is the one aspect that I feel needs improvement in this company.

Attractive job tasks - 4
Being appreciated at work - 4
Friendly good looking colleagues - 4
Good leadership style - 4
Good work-life balance- 5
Travel opportunities - 3
Positive personal development - 4

Three life lessons

  • Show an intense desire for learning and improvement. Learning does not end after university, especially in the IT industry where technology is constantly evolving.
  • When applying for a job, be interested in learning about the details of the job scope and company. Your understanding of the company will impress the interviewer and help you with your decision on whether the job will fit you well.
  • Be aware of how you present yourself. Creating a good impression is crucial to being hired and working well with others.

The fun part
The flexible working environment is my favorite part of working at arvato. In addition, it is also extremely rewarding to be able to work in an environment that provides the freedom to try newer and better solutions to the challenges faced.

My advice (to my younger self)
If there were one advice I would give, it would be to do whatever you can to secure, at least, one internship during your undergraduate study. Experiencing multiple internships at different companies will provide you with an understanding of the corporate world beyond your academic study and may lead to a full-time job. Searching for a job as a fresh graduate is much tougher if you do not show any previous work experience.