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Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (BIMB or the Bank) was established in 1983 as the nation's first Islamic Bank. The Bank has a network of 141 branches and more than 900 self-service terminals nationwide. To meet the diversity of the public's financial needs, BIMB offers more than 70 Shariah-based banking products and services which cater to Muslims and non-Muslims.

We are founded to provide banking and financial solutions that adhere to the Shariah rules and principles, which focus on the balance between meeting individual and social needs and implementing economic activities that promote justice and responsibility to society and the planet. 

Our pioneering endeavour has made us the source of Shariah guidance for several foreign banking and financial institutions. We are bringing the Malaysian brand of Islamic finance to the regional and global markets. We have been providing advisory and consultation services that led to the creation of several Islamic banks beyond the shore of Malaysia.

Guided by our mission "TO PROVIDE SOLUTIONS THAT DELIVER VALUE", we provide an array of diversified Shariah-compliant solutions that best meet our customers' financial needs. Our vision to be "THE BANK THAT ADVANCES PROSPERITY FOR ALL" ensures that our solutions and business activities design is for all people's wellbeing, especially the marginalised and underprivileged communities while safeguarding the world.

Embracing the 'Value-based Intermediation (VBI) principles as advocated by Bank Negara Malaysia as our core, we aim to achieve our mission and vision in a sustainable manner that brings long-term values. Through greater product innovations and financial inclusion offerings, as well as progressive platforms and excellent service, we are building trust as well as lasting relationships with all stakeholders.

With the combination of our activities and solutions, we are recognised by the industry via awards and accolades received:

  • 2nd Runner-up in Banking and Financial Services Category by Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers Awards 2021.
  • Overall Top 11 Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers
  • Top 5 Winners in Banking Category for Graduates’ Choice Award Most Preferred Graduate Employer to Work for in 2022
  • Overall Top 11 Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers
  • Top 5 Winners in Investments Banking Category for Graduates’ Choice Award Most Preferred Graduate Employer to Work for in 2022
  • Overall Top 12 Malaysia’s Most Preferred Employers for GRADUAN Brand Awards
  • Top 3 in Banking & Finance Sector for GRADUAN Brand Awards

Being part of BIMB will give you great opportunities to work with thought leaders and learn from some of the best minds in the Islamic finance industry. The Bank offers life long and multi-faceted learning approach that goes beyond the norm to fulfil your career aspiration.

At the same time, our integrated approach to work and life balance allows employees to grow professionally and spiritually. We adopt the practice of giving back to society as part of our vision and mission. As a member of the organisation, you will be held together by universally accepted values, balanced on professionalism, integrity and mutual respect. All the elements above describe our value proposition in making BIMB a great place to be. 

We continue to focus on creating a sustainable and diverse talent pool and groom a responsive and digitally-enabled team that can capitalise on rapid changes by optimising readily available opportunities within the Islamic Finance sector.

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Opportunity to gain invaluable experience and unique insights into the world of Islamic Banking and extensive exposure to the Shariah concept.
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